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Megadeth Launches “Megadeth Digital” After Rebranding Rattleheads NFT Project


Megadeth and Dave Mustaine have always been ahead of the curve or willing to try new technologies before any other band.

Most notably, they were one of the first bands to ever have a website with Megadeth Arizona.

Megadeth previously announced “Rattleheads” as their attempt at a project which would offer fans exclusive access and benefits.

They have now rebranded as “Megadeth Digital” in an attempt to move away from the NFT name, or to simply make it more accessible to fans.

It is unknown what the full list of benefits will include.

Megadeth previously launched $MEGA coin using the Rally io platform, but that abruptly shutdown in early 2023.

The band also used the megadeth io domain to post updates to these blockchain based projects, but that domain has now expired.

In order to keep up with everything going on with Megadeth Digital, it's best to follow their official Twitter account.

The artist for Megadeth Digital is HaddyTheCreator.

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