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Lost Relics MAJOR Updates Dropping


On a recent livestream, Cliff from Lost Relics dropped some huge news about what's coming in the very near future. Some items have already been pushed live in patch 128.

Here is a consolidated high level list:

  • New minimap for towns and dungeons
  • New skills – fishing, mining, scavenging, woodcutting, alchemy, engineering. All skills can be leveled up.
  • New character level progress bar at the top of the screen, player titles
  • Updates to your inventory and “stash” managed from your room at the tavern
  • New adventure map to select new levels
  • Dungeon objects now drop gold coins
  • coming after single player updates finalized (2-4 players)
  • Mining resources now available in dungeons
  • Dungeons may now have only 1 area/level, but are larger
  • Number of chests should increase in dungeons based on difficulty
  • Milestone rewards come in the form of gifts after leveling up. This includes gold coins and items such as bombs, which are no longer available in dungeons
  • Pets will eventually be able to attack for you while still smashing objects
  • New Royal Emporium marketplace with Buy and Sell order offers
  • Power Pendants replace adventure stones, with a “membership” subscription that allow you to take more blockchain items out of dungeons. Power pendants can also be sold to other players
  • New dungeon themes such as outdoor wooded area
  • Raffle tickets available in the tavern to try and win a prize
  • Gift gargoyle will only be available to paid members

Watch the full video here:

Multiplayer in particular is something we can't wait to try. Lost Relics has been one of the best projects in blockchain gaming to demonstrate real ownership of items using Enjin.

Let us know in the comments what you'd like to see in future updates, as Cliff is very open to community feedback.

lost relics skills
New skills available
lost relics stash
Stash at the Tavern
lost relics inventory
New inventory view
lost relics adventure map
New adventure map
lost relics forest
New forest adventure theme
lost relics marketplace
New marketplace with buy and sell orders
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