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Lost Relics June 2021 Patch Updates from Developer Cliff


Lost Relics has been one of the most popular NFT Games, and new updates are always exciting.

It's also noteworthy that Enjin Jumpnet is now available which should make gaming item buying, selling, and trading much more available with no gas fees.

The new updates are scheduled for June 14th, 2021.

Here are some details directly from Cliff Cawley:

There's a lot going into this next update to expand some of the gameplay that hasn't changed for almost 2 years.

Usually I like to just release a patch and see what people find, but I know you're all anxious to see what I've been working on, so here's an overview of some of the changes.

I won't be explaining any of them until the patch is released though, so you'll have to speculate what the more vague points might mean.

  • Added about 30 new monsters
  • Added in game off-chain blockchain item trading (gasless trades, no need to send to wallet before trade)
  • Added critical hit
  • Added new Adventure theme
  • Added lock-in rooms
  • Added basic encounters with mini-bosses (You must clear a room, fight a mini boss, after which a chest will appear)
  • Added the ability for monsters to summon
  • All Monster stats are being rebalanced
  • All Weapon stats are being rebalanced
  • All Adventure difficulties, resources and monster spawns rebalanced
  • Split Bows into Long and Short with their own stats
  • One-Handed Axes now have their own stats

This list isn't exhaustive, but I'm sure most of you will realize how huge this update is.

I'm still working on some of the monsters and adventures (and at this point, I may leave Bosses out and just focus on the new monsters and a sampling of the mini bosses just to get it out sooner).

I'm also spending considerable time on the adventures and rebalancing, which is very time consuming.

I'm going to see where I get to by the end of the week and will have another update then.

Along with the monsters, I've been revamping the adventures, making use of the new theme. Later I'll be adding more themes, but already I'm up to about 15 adventures total now.

The dynamics of the adventures, the monsters and the resources that populate them give them much needed variety. You shouldn't find yourself being forced to grind the same one over and over as you'll have more options to choose from depending on your current skill level and your load outs.

I've implemented only a small handful of the mini-bosses and only with some basic combat right now. I'll be releasing them in an unfinished but functional state, just so you can start playing sooner. It looks like I'm going to delay the bosses until the next update, just because there's so much work work I want to put into them.

I've also been busy applying fixes and minor feature requests and have a few more to go.

I'm aiming for release somewhere around the 14th of June. This is what I'm aiming for, and that may change, but it's looking pretty good for now.

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