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Logan Paul Turns Himself Into Pokémon NFT Riding Latest Trend


It was inevitable – some of the biggest YouTube personalities are now getting into the space.

Logan Paul is now offering a limited edition NFT of himself as a Pokémon card to winning bidders of his first edition Pokémon card packs.

logan paul pokemon nft
Logan Paul NFT

The card describes Paul as both a “Rare Human” and a “Legendary Human, Length & Weight: Tall and Thick.

His abilities include “Dynamic Punch – the opponent is now confused 120” and “Parabolic Charge – heal for half of the damage inflicted by this attack (after applying Weakness and Resistance).

He “never retreats and is known for his great powers across the galaxy. Logan keeps many allies, enabling him to navigate a confusing and dangerous world.”

The explosion of popularity in the NFT world is gaining a lot of traction, but also a lot of criticism. Some think that ultimately NFTs will have no value, while others assume value is in the eye of the beholder.

Either way, a major trend I predict for 2021 will be big personalities like Logan Paul tokenizing some form of digital asset for their community, whether it's an NFT, playing card, or membership.

William Shatner also created digital cards of himself on WAX last year.

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