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Kriptomat Exchange Seeks to Woo Gamers With Enjin Rewards Program


dragon riders of kriptomat
Source: Kriptomat.io

Kriptomat cryptocurrency exchange has announced a new rewards program for blockchain gamers. The program allows users of the exchange to earn ENJ-backed as a loyalty reward.

Players are able to use these collectibles in a variety of games, including Age of Rust, War of Crypto, Forest Knight, 9 Lives Arena, and Forgotten Artifacts.

Kriptomat anticipates new crypto exchange users

Cryptocurrency exchanges have been around since 2010. But until now, most exchanges have marketed their services primarily to crypto traders. The idea of targeting users of crypto has seemed unprofitable in the past.

But one exchange in particular seems to have a different opinion of the future of crypto exchange growth: Kriptomat.

In an announcement on its website, Kriptomat has stated that it is now targeting players of blockchain games with a special rewards program that allows them to acquire collectibles they can use in these games.

Players of blockchain games need a constant supply of crypto to buy collectibles and process in-game transactions. As these games grow in popularity, gamers may makeup an ever-growing percentage of the crypto exchange user-base.

Kriptomat is anticipating this development with the announcement of this new program.

Enjin rewards program details

The Kriptomat team has explained how the program works in a separate post.

Users of the exchange are rewarded with a new token, tentatively called “Kriptos.” To earn Kriptos, users have to perform a certain number of transactions on the platform. 

Kriptos can be used to purchase chests with random collectibles inside of them. These collectibles are minted using -coin and are fully tradable from any wallet or exchange.

In addition, Kriptomat has formed a partnership with some of the most notable ENJ-backed games, allowing these collectibles to be used within these games.

Kriptomat hopes this will convince players of these popular games to use it more often, instead of using other exchanges that do not reward gamers.

Kriptomat dragon

Kriptomat has created a collectible Kriptomat Dragon that can be used in multiple games. Here is a list of the games.

War of Crypto

War of Crypto has announced that players will soon be able to use the Kriptomat Dragon in-game. The team has not yet explained what advantages the dragon will give, but it has stated that it will make an announcement about it on Wednesday, August 14.

9 Lives Arena

The 9 Lives Arena team has announced that owners of Kriptomat Dragons will get special shoulder dragon tattoos for their characters.

Forest Knight

Forest Knight has announced that the Kriptomat Dragons “are tamed and trapped in a mythical shield to serve the knights of Chronville,” implying that players who own a dragon will get some kind of “dragon shield” to use in combat.

Age of Rust

age of rust

In Age of Rust, players who own the Kriptomat Dragon will be able to unlock a special “dragon flamethrower.”

Forgotten Artifacts

forgotten artifacts

If a Forgotten Artifacts player owns the Kriptomat Dragon, he will gain access to an exclusive dragon pet.

Future rewards games

In addition to the above games, four others have stated that they will offer support for Kriptomat collectibles in the future: AlterVerse, CryptoFights, Cats in Mechs, and Rebounce.

The Kriptomat team is actively working to make deals with even more games in the future.

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