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Knight Story – A New Game By the Creators of EOS Knights


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The creators of the popular mobile , Knights, have announced that a new game is in development. It is called Knight Story. It will allow players to “battle with goblins, craft items and build a village.”

EOS Knights has consistently ranked as one of the top 20 most played blockchain games. Much of this popularity comes from China, Korea, Japan, and other East Asian countries.

But despite this success, the game has struggled to compete for players in the West.

Eliminating large stake requirements

Like many other games on EOS, EOS Knights requires a large initial investment from the player. At least one review has stated that players need to stake 50 to 100 EOS (approx. $156 to $312) to be allocated enough RAM to play the game.

But this initial cost may be dispensed with in some versions of Knight Story.

Coming to Ethereum?

supporter badge

The current website for Knight Story allows supporters to connect using an wallet to receive a free Magic Bean or to buy a Supporter's Badge using ETH. The site also clearly states that players can “make the MyKI(My Knights Item) with the game item” and can “own the MyKI” in an Ethereum account.

This implies that players can buy Knight Story items using ETH and may also be able to play the game without investing in EOS.

Knight Story and TRON

The developer of Knight Story has also issued a press release stating that the game will be available on . So it appears that the game will be playable using several different blockchains.

Knight Story gameplay

Unfortunately, almost no details are yet known as to what gameplay will consist of in Knight Story.

The original EOS Knights is often described as an “idle game.” Players send their minions off on adventures, then log off. Hours later, players return to find out what monsters their minions have killed and what loot they have received.

This type of game is very popular in the blockchain gaming community. And if Knight Story uses similar game mechanics without requiring a large initial investment, it may be successful. 

On the other hand, we still don't know how Knight Story will compare to its predecessor – since developers have yet to reveal any gameplay details.

We'll keep an eye on Knight Story as it is developed. And once a playable demo is released, we'll let you know what it is like.

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