The King of the Castle

Because the goal of this website is to take a hard look at crypto and blockchain games, we’ve decided to pick one game we’ve played or researched as the current best crypto or blockchain game!

This game will hold the title “King of the Castle” until another game comes along and grabs our attention.

Reigning King

king of the castle

Splinterlands is the current King of the Castle for the following reasons:

  • Huge user community! Easy to find a battle in the matchmaking system
  • Balanced card gameplay
  • Fun and engaging level-up and quest system
  • Easy to learn
  • Creative and random rules that make every battle interesting
  • Affordable there is a FREE TO PLAY option, and the official starter pack is only $10
  • Future plans for tournaments!
  • Very helpful how-to guides
  • Addicting gameplay

Will another game dethrone the king? Check back soon to find out!