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Let the Intellectual Games Begin – Test Your Erudition in Crypto-Quiz


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Did you know that almost 60% of gamers spend their free time solving puzzles and intellectual quizzes?

Such games improve memory, attention, information processing speed, mind flexibility, and also help to think outside the box and check the level of erudition.

Estonian blockchain startup IQeon also provides this opportunity in its Quiz game, an exciting quiz where participants have to answer a lot of questions in order to check their erudition and level of intelligence.

If you are a fan of intellectual games, then you might be interested. We will explore the platform, study the gameplay, and also tell you how to earn an internal gaming asset IQN.

Hands-on Quiz

A professional team of developers of IQeon project worked on the creation of an intellectual quiz, which was introduced at the end of 2019.

The quiz is designed well not only with a bright, vibrant design, but also with a convenient, user-friendly interface.


The game is similar to a normal quiz in its nature: you need to correctly answer questions by choosing one answer.

thematic quizzes

Quiz game contains over 3,000 questions on history, geography, literature, exact sciences, technology, cinema, , , economics, games and crypto sphere.

Players can also test their erudition in questions on general knowledge about plants and animals, customs of other nations, their traditions and religion.

But one should make no mistake by thinking that the questions presented in game will turn out to be easy.

For example, do you know what movie received Oscar award in 1992? Or which animal is traditionally the first to be admitted into the house? If not, then be sure to find out.

quiz question

Players can choose among several categories of questions from completely different areas. User can pick the one he feels confident in, or play blitz match.

The participant needs to answer 10 questions correctly, choosing out of 4 options the one that he considers to be correct. Given time is 50 seconds. You can play both in single player mode and with opponents to find out who is smarter.

Internal gaming currency IQN

In pair mode, players have the opportunity to compete for the in-game currency IQN.

IQN is a digital asset used to compete on PvP platform – IQeon.com. The platform's internal currency operates on the basis of Ethereum blockchain, which serves as a guarantee of the obligatory payment of winnings.

IQeon.com is the first gaming platform to support transactions with IQN digital asset. The internal currency enables users to participate in all ecosystem games and monetize their in-game achievements.

In case of winning the match, a digital asset is credited to the user's gaming account. The player can use IQN to participate in other competitions on the platform or exchange the asset on popular trading platforms like Yobit, Exrates, Token Store for another cryptocurrency and withdraw to fiat money.

Opportunity to win up to 200 IQN in Quiz Battle!

From June 8 to 21, the project team holds Quiz Battle contest with a prize pool of 200 IQN. To win, users need to score maximum points in Quiz game on IQeon.com platform, as well as subscribe to the official IQeon communities on social media.

The results of the competition will be announced on June 23. The prizes will be received by five players who showed the best results. An additional award will go to the most involved participant who will be the most active in sharing screenshots with interesting quiz questions on social media. Learn more about the conditions of the contest on IQeon.io website.


Blockchain games are no longer a new niche in the mobile games market. However, among a large number of crypto-simulators, action games and arcades, an intellectual quiz is a real gift that keeps on giving for a useful and exciting pastime.

Quiz game is not only an opportunity to check the level of your erudition, but also a chance to confirm the title of the most intelligent platform player and monetize your intelligence!

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