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Illuvium Crypto Game Latest Updates, News & Price Prediction for 2024 & 2025


Illuvium is working on integrating blockchain technology into their game, exploring interoperability with IMX and potential partnerships with Epic Games and Team Liquid, while also focusing on adding social and features and eventually porting the game to .

The release date has been announced for July 25th, 2024.

  • Illuvium co-founder discusses updates including PVP mode, wish list for improvements, and positive feedback from community play testing.
    • Grant from Illuvium provides a one-year update on the project's progress in web3 gaming.
    • The co-founder discusses the wish list for Illuvium, including improvements for mainstream appeal, more battle modes and mini games, an enhanced Overworld, IMX integration, cross-platform compatibility, and a creator economy with personalized NFTs.
    • The recent release of the PVP mode in Illuvium is the most critical update, as it allows for multiplayer engagement and will attract a new range of players from the web 2 community.
    • The feedback for the game has been amazing, but there is still a lot of balancing and improvement to be done based on community play testing.
  • Illuvium is exploring interoperability with IMX, focusing on seamless onboarding for gamers and working with Epic Games to bring and blockchain games to their platform.
    • The speaker discusses the potential for interoperability with IMX and the likelihood of exploring cross-chain capabilities in the future.
    • We are working closely to make the onboarding process easy for gamers and stress the importance of making it seamless for people from the web 2 industry.
    • Epic Games has been amazing to work with, taking a large risk by allowing NFT and blockchain games onto their platform, and the measure of success for them in six months would be interactivity, engagement, and downloads.
  • Illuvium game is currently free to play without blockchain integration, but aims to have an active marketplace with blockchain elements, overcoming legal hurdles to prove legitimacy in the crypto space and facing potential backlash for NFT engagement in web 2 companies.
    • The game is currently free to play with no blockchain integration, but the goal is to eventually have an active marketplace with blockchain elements.
    • Epic Games is facing potential backlash for their engagement with web 2 companies regarding NFTs and there are discussions about potential roadblocks and opportunities within Grand Theft Auto.
    • Legal hurdles were overcome to get onto the platform, with the goal of convincing people that not every project in crypto is a scam, and there is real excitement around gaming.
  • Illuvium discusses partnership with Team Liquid, positive Twitter feedback, and potential for blockchain gaming; emphasizes importance of interoperability and potential for holding alvatar in a wallet like Phantom, but believes it's too early to determine importance of Marketplace.
    • The partnership with Team Liquid, positive feedback on Twitter, and the potential for blockchain gaming to be the future were discussed in the interview.
    • The speaker discusses the importance of interoperability for Illuvium and the potential ability to hold alvatar in a wallet like Phantom.
    • The speaker believes it is too early to determine the importance of the Marketplace, as they first need to integrate blockchain into their game and work out any issues with their own Marketplace before considering interoperability with other ecosystems.
  • Illuvium is working on adding social and multiplayer features to the game, with plans for a lobby feature and companion features in the future, and eventual porting to mobile.
    • The game is working on incorporating social features and multiplayer into the Overworld to allow players to share their experiences and items with each other.
    • Testing and a lobby feature are being done for the game, and players will be able to add each other from the Epic Games store, with plans for companion features in the future.
    • The game will eventually be ported to mobile, but the focus has been on proving the game's quality in the PC market first.
  • The co-founder discusses AR/VR integration for gaming, hardware limitations in Unreal Engine, and the potential for gaming ETFs.
    • The co-founder discusses the debate on AR/VR with Andrew, the head of production, and reflects on their previous conversation about it.
    • Major hardware makers are committing to AR/VR integration for gaming, and the co-founder believes that their game is perfect for this, but Unreal Engine isn't perfectly designed for VR compatibility.
    • Hardware limitations are still a challenge for developing in Unreal, but the software compatibility is improving.
    • The VR market is still niche, but the company is open to developing for it and incorporating the latest technology.
    • Gaming ETFs are becoming more mainstream, with companies like CF benchmarks and Metalabs launching gamey indexes and potentially opening the pathway for game token related ETFs.
  • The future of gaming involves integrating blockchain technology into digital marketplaces, with significant developments expected in the next 30 to 60 days.
    • The speaker plans to contact Vic to work on a project involving Anova brands.
    • GTA 6 trailer is now out, speculation about major Studio dropping blockchain-related content, possibility of Rockstar doing it, comparison to Elon Musk rebranding Twitter.
    • GTA 5 has been out for 10 years, and now would be the perfect time for a new version to be released.
    • The future of gaming involves integrating blockchain technology into digital marketplaces to distribute profits and navigate international financing laws, with significant developments expected in the next 30 to 60 days.
  • Grant gives an update on Illuvium, urging viewers to subscribe to the YouTube channel for gaming news and follow him on Twitter.

A price prediction for Illuvium in 2024 2025 is $1250, given the previous all time high.

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