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Illuvium Overworld Beta – Developer Secrets & News Revealed!


Interesting notes from the developer reveal:

  • The lore involves a player crashing on a planet and must collect Illuvials that they can capture and fight with
  • The beta allows the player to play as Arlen, the main character. During the actual game, the player will choose between a male or female ranger character with customizations
  • There is an Illuvium “overworld” of interoperable games, including Illuvium Arena and Illuvium Zero
  • Illuvium Zero generates fuel for other uses
  • All NFTs and collectibles that exist will be the result of player action such as battles or harvesting
  • The controls involve WASD movement and air jumping with a jetpack
  • Equipment upgrades for the visor and jetpack help the player explore
  • The Zero Point Forge allows crafting and upgrading items
  • Illuvium will be free to play, while players can acquire fuel through Illuvium Zero, while also building on land to acquire more resources
  • Spending fuel can change the way the entire composition of the environment looks
  • Players can scan or extract resources. Scanning allows you to check first to determine if it’s worth the energy to extract. Drone upgrades help with better scans.
  • During battle, “dimensional instability” gives you a higher or lower chance to capture the Illuvial
  • Augmentations enhance battle gameplay
  • Shards with higher capture power help you capture stronger Illuvials
  • Locker storage allows players to stash more items than the standard inventory
  • Ranger and drone skins are available to create
  • Illuvial fusion allows players to burn multiple to create one new Illuvial
  • The leaderboard is a temporary BETA feature that may not appear in the final version of the game
  • There will eventually be multiplayer in the overworld
Illuvium games
illuvium region travel
Illuvium region travel
Illuvium gameplay battle
Illuvium gameplay battle

Watch Secret Agent Stache dive into the Beta here:

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