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How to Craft in Big Time – The Ultimate Tutorial


The video serves as a tutorial for crafting in the Game. It focuses on the significance of crafting within armories and forges to secure a position on the leaderboard, particularly through the refinement of raw Terra core acquired from dungeons.

Crafting involves the utilization of augmented Terra core to produce cosmetic items, with bonus rolls influenced by workshop mod chips obtained during dungeon activities. The tutorial showcases the crafting of an Uncommon head cosmetic item, detailing the associated costs and advantages.

The video also delves into the financial aspect of the game, explaining how players can earn money by crafting hourglasses. It elucidates the process of unlocking additional hourglass slots and recharging them using time crystals, which can be acquired through dungeons or purchased. The speaker suggests selling crafted hourglasses on the Open Loot marketplace as a viable method for in-game earnings.

Key Highlights

  • Craftable Cosmetic Collectibles: Learn about these special items that don't influence gameplay stats, ensuring a fair play experience.
  • Rarity and Issuance: Understand the importance of rarity tiers and fixed issuance numbers, making each collectible a unique asset.
  • Crafting Process: Get insights into the crafting mechanism using the Forge or Armory, where strategy meets creativity.
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