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How to Buy MANA Token for Decentraland – Easy Crypto Exchange Guide


A huge new trend in crypto is the idea of a multiverse or decentralized world. Decentraland is one of the original projects and continues to grow more popular.

However, it can be difficult to get MANA, which is the main cryptocurrency for Decentraland LAND parcels, estates, or clothing assets and NFTs.

Trade USD for MANA Crypto

Many people are looking for the easiest way to purchase MANA tokens with USD.

Click the button below to visit Gemini to buy now.

Luckily, MANA is also available on Coinbase! But, you need to trade USDC (US Dollar Coin) in order to get it.

Just sign up for a Coinbase account, deposit USD ($), and instantly convert it into USDC for free. You can then trade USDC for MANA from the market dropdown.

coinbase mana usdc

Alternative Method – Trade Any Crypto for MANA

If you would like to trade another cryptocurrency for MANA, follow these steps to begin:

STEP 1 – You first need to purchase , , Litecoin, or another high liquidity coin from a reputable exchange. If you already have enough crypto, you can skip to the next step. We recommend trading on Coinbase.

STEP 2 – Next, you will need to select an Ethereum address to be the recipient of the MANA. This could be a wallet or any wallet that allows you to create an Ethereum address.

If you use Metamask, make sure to add MANA by searching for it in the asset list:

Click “Receive” on your wallet, or in Metamask click on your ETH address to copy it.

STEP 3 – Use the widget below to exchange cryptocurrency for MANA Token. We recommend swapping BTC, ETH, LTC, or another cryptocurrency with high liquidity.

Enter your ETH wallet as the receive address.

Alternatively, click here to use the exchange site directly.

Wait a few minutes for the confirmation to go through.

That's it, you now have MANA to spend on the Decentraland market.

decentraland mana
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