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How to Buy HEX on Pulsechain – Easiest & Quickest Method


how to buy hex on pulsechain

Pulsechain is a fork of .

This means that every Ethereum address is exactly the same in the Pulsechain ecosystem. If you use , you already have an address that can receive Pulsechain tokens (PLS).

You'll just need to change your Metamask Network or Wallet Connect to Pulsechain instead of Ethereum Mainnet.

To add Pulsechain as a selectable network visit the Pulsechain website and click the button “Add Pulsechain to Metamask” as seen below:

Next, switch the Network in Metamask to Pulsechain. You can do that in the top left corner:

pulsechain network metamask

Crypto to Crypto Method – Buy PLS First

On Pulsechain, the PLS token is equivalent to ETH on Ethereum.

You'll need the Pulsechain token to swap for HEX on Pulsechain, sometimes called “pHEX.”

Click below to buy PLS by using any popular crypto such as ETH, BTC, LTC, ADA, XRP, and more. You can also use USD stablecoins like USDT or USDC from many chains.

Copy the receive address from your Metamask wallet here:

metamask ethereum address

Once you are ready to make the swap, paste this address in the recipient bar here:

swap crypto for pulsechain

Alternatively, we have added the swap widget to the page below, so you can remain on this page if you want to obtain PLS.

It takes anywhere from 5-15 minutes to receive the PLS in your wallet. In the example below, it took 7 minutes to complete the swap.

NEXT, BUY HEX On Pulsechain (pHEX) Using PLS

After your PLS is received, you will see the balance in your Metamask wallet when the Pulsechain network is selected.

Now visit the GoPulse decentralized exchange here in order to swap PLS for HEX. Connect your Metamask account and begin the trade.

swap for hex on pulsechain

Simply select PLS on the top, and HEX on the bottom. You will need to save some PLS for gas fees, similar to Ethereum, but on Pulsechain it is MUCH cheaper.

Your order will be executed and you should see the HEX balance in your Metamask Wallet!

If you want to stake and mine HEX on Pulsechain, you can visit go.hex.com and select one of the community sites at the bottom of the page to begin.

The easiest to use are HEXScout, GoPulse, or the Icosa website if you know about the Hedron token, which you earn for free for opening a HEX stake.

UPDATE! Direct FIAT Onramp with KYC Now Available

There is now an incredibly easy way to buy HEX, PLS, PLSX, or WAIT tokens directly with a fiat onramp approved in many countries. It is similar to how you would on Coinbase and does require KYC.

The app is called Coast and it was created by a member of the HEX community. Click below to get started.

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