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Gods Unchained Updated Review & News – Why You Should Claim Cards NOW


Last updated on October 9, 2019

  • Open BETA now live
  • Free to play
  • Premium “Genesis Set” cards available until public launch
  • New card set coming soon

Gods Unchained is one of the first digital collectible trading card games built using blockchain technology.

Brand new -backed gameplay is now live!

Rare cards still available!

It is similar to Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering Arena, with the exception that players of Gods Unchained can actually own their cards and trade them freely.

Gods Unchained is currently in open beta and can be played by anyone with a PC that meets the minimum requirements. Most of the bugs in the game appear to have been fixed already, but there may be some meta-game balancing issues that remain.

The team plans to finalize all balancing changes and release a public version of Gods Unchained by the end of October.

Gods Unchained can be played for free using non-blockchain cards from the Core Set. Cards from this set can be earned through gameplay.

Alternatively, a player may want to buy blockchain-backed cards from the Genesis Set. These can be combined with Core Set cards to produce new combinations.

The Genesis Set will no longer be sold once the public version of the game is released. Instead, a new set of cards will be released, and the old set will go “out of print.”

So if you want to get your hands on these cards, you may want to consider buying them before the public release.

We've played Gods Unchained on several separate occasions over the past few months. This article will explore what we've learned about how the game works and what type of players may enjoy it.

Most of this article is a tutorial on how to register for an account and start playing. But we will also state our own opinions from time to time as to what we think of the game.

If you've heard of Gods Unchained and wondered what the fuss was all about, read on to find out what it is like to play this very popular blockchain-backed game.

In the news

Effective immediately, Blizzard has removed Hong Kong Hearthstone player blitzchung from Hearthstone Grand Masters, rescinded all his prize money, and have suspended him from pro play for one year for his recent interview about Hong Kong.

Gods Unchained recently made headlines for offering to pay for ALL his lost winnings and a ticket to their $500k tournament: “no player should be punished for their beliefs.”

Getting Started With Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is free to play. If you simply want to try the game out, you do not need any cryptocurrency, nor do you need installed.

Here are the steps for creating an account and installing Gods Unchained:

Navigate to the official Gods Unchained website.

Click download and play free.

gods unchained

Save the installation file in a folder that you will remember later.

Immediately after saving the file, the Gods Unchained website will open to a page that displays your first pack of Core Set cards.

buy card packs

Click and drag the pack of cards from the lower-left corner to the machine in the middle of the screen.

open card packs

The pack will open, and all of the cards will be displayed face-down.

Click to turn them over one-by-one until they are all revealed.

reveal cards

Once all of the cards are face-up, click continue. You'll receive a message stating that you need to register in order to claim your free cards.

sign up screen

Put in a username, email address, and password. Agree to the terms, and click create account.

You'll receive an email from Immutable, the developer of Gods Unchained. Click the confirm account button from within the email to continue.

confirm account

At this point, you'll be sent to a login page on the website. If you want to log in and look around at your account, you can do so at this point. Or you can ignore the webpage and continue to the next step.

Run the installation file you saved earlier. The Immutable client will begin to install.


When it is finished, the client will load, and a screen will appear asking for your login info.

gods unchained sign in screen

Sign in to get to the starter version of the main menu.

profile screen

In the lower portion of the screen, you'll see buttons for the two different modes of gameplay: ranked constructed and solo. Press the temple button for either mode to get access to 3 more free packs of the Core Set.

A card-opening interface will appear. This interface is similar to the one on the website, and it functions the same way.

open card decks

When you are done opening cards, the game will be fully unlocked.

cards unlocked in inventory

Playing Gods Unchained

Rare cards still available!

Here is how to select a game mode, choose or build a deck, and start playing the game.

Game modes

There are currently two game modes: solo and ranked constructed.

Solo pits you against an A.I. opponent. Matches that occur in solo mode do not affect your ELO rating, and you cannot earn cards from the Core Set while playing in this mode. The purpose of Solo is to help you practice and learn how to play the game.

Ranked constructed pits you against other Gods Unchained players that have a similar ELO rating to you. Winning matches in ranked constructed provides rewards, including packs of cards from the Core Set.

Choosing a premade deck

The easiest way to start playing Gods Unchained is to choose one of the premade decks created by the developers.

To do this, simply click the choose a deck button for the particular mode you want to play. This will bring up the list of decks.

choose a deck

Each deck is based on a particular god. Here is a list of the gods available:

  • Thariel – God of light
  • Auros – God of war
  • Aeona – Goddess of nature
  • Elyrian – God of magic
  • Malissus – Goddess of death
  • Ludia – Goddess of deception

Based on the god you choose, you will have a few god powers available to you, but only one of them can be chosen for each match.

The god powers are fairly balanced. So if you're new to the game, your best bet is to choose whichever god you think will be the most fun to play.

If you normally play black-magic decks in Magic: The Gathering, for example, you may want to choose the Death Starter deck built around Malissus. Or if you normally play green, you may want to play the Nature Starter deck built around Aeona. It all depends on what type of deck you personally enjoy playing.

Click the deck of your choice, then click start to begin playing either a solo or ranked constructed match.

Building a deck

If you don't like any of the premade decks, you'll want to create your own. You'll also need to create your own deck once you gain a higher ELO rating – since the premade decks tend to be weak compared to the ones the higher-rated players use.

To start designing and building your first deck, click the workshop tab at the top of the screen, then select create deck.

building a deck

You'll now be given the option to choose a god.

choose a god

Once you've chosen a god, the cards for that particular god will be displayed. Cards that you own will be shown in full-color, while cards you don't own will be greyed-out.

If you only want to see cards that you own, uncheck the show unowned box in the upper-right corner.

show unowned cards

By default, the cards are displayed from top to bottom in order of lowest mana-cost to highest. Using this interface, you can build a decent mana curve by simply choosing more cards near the top and less as you move down.

When you're done selecting your cards, click edit deck. Change the name to something suitable. Then click save changes and save deck.

save changes

Once you've finished your deck and selected it, click start to begin playing either a solo or ranked constructed match.

Gods Unchained Rules and Objectives

The object of Gods Unchained is to reduce your opponent's life total to zero before he does the same to you. Players begin the game with 30 life.

Choosing a God Power

When the game begins, each player chooses a god power. Each god has three regular god powers. At the beginning of the game, you must choose which of the three you will use.

choosing god power

In other collectible trading card games, a player may sometimes be faced with an opponent's deck that his is weak against, even if his deck is excellent against most other decks.

This is a classic “bad matchup.” God powers are intended to alleviate this problem by giving players more flexibility against different opponents.

Initial Hands and Mulligans

initial hands and mulligans

After choosing a god power, each player draws four cards. Either player can discard one or more of his cards and draw new ones to replace them, but this can only be done by each player once.

When this process is finished, each player draws an additional card, for a total of five. (Note: the designers have said this rule may change to something “fancier” before the game is out of beta)

Mana Cost

Each card costs mana to use, which is shown in the upper-left corner of the card. A player's available mana starts at 1 on the first turn and increases by 1 each turn.

The amount of mana you have is shown in the lower-right corner of the screen.

mana cost

Compared to Magic: The Gathering, there are no “land” cards in Gods Unchained and no “colors” of spells.

The only limit to playing a card is the amount of mana required to use it. This is to prevent “mana screw,” or the problem of a player losing just because he didn't draw enough land.

Creatures and Combat

creatures and combat

Some cards can be used to summon creatures. Like in other games, these creatures have summoning sickness when they first come into play. They cannot attack until the turn after they are summoned.

A player is not limited to only attacking his opponent. He can use his creatures to attack either his opponent or his opponent's creatures. And if he chooses to attack his opponent, the opponent cannot “block.”

Hearthstone players will find this rule familiar, but Magic: The Gathering (MTG) players may find it confusing.

The goal of this rule though is to force players to enter combat on a regular basis, so as to clear the board. This should increase the pace of the game and reduce cognitive overload from “combat math.”

Winning matches and gaining experience

If you reduce your opponent's life total to zero before yours goes to zero, you win. Winning a match earns you experience points. When your experience bar is filled, you will gain a new level and receive a new pack of Core Set cards as a reward.

reward earned

This is an open beta. So the Core Set cards you obtain may be reset at some point before the official release.

(But of course, this will not affect whatever Genesis Set cards you own.)

Buying Gods Unchained cards

buying gods unchained cards
Rare cards still available!

If you enjoy grinding for hours and hours to get cards, you may find it acceptable to only build decks from the Core Set.

But if the thought of playing with sub-par decks while trying to build ELO rating fills you with despair, you're going to want to find a way to speed up your path to a top tier card collection.

In cardboard CCGs, players can buy single cards from their local card shop and build a championship-quality deck within minutes. This usually costs between $200 to $400. But when a player is tired of playing a particular deck, he can resell his cards to the shop and make back 60-80% of what he paid for them.

In this cardboard CCG environment, skill is extremely important. Players cannot gain an advantage by simply putting in hours to grind out a card collection. This is because, in essence, every player has access to the same collection – as long as he has the money to pay for it.

In digital CCGs like Hearthstone and MTG Arena, this fundamental principle has been discarded in favor of a model where the only way to gain cards is through repeatedly playing matches.

But in Gods Unchained, this principle has been partially brought back. Players can still grind for Core Set cards if they want to trade time for them instead of money. But for players that want a more “old school” CCG experience, the Genesis Set is available.

The Genesis Set is sold in packs, and each card is backed by an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Once the packs are opened, the cards within can be sold freely in the marketplace.

As a result, OpenSea has taken the place of the local gaming shop, offering tournament-quality cards to any gamer willing to pay the market price for them.

If you would rather buy packs instead of singles, you can get them straight from the developer's store. Just make sure your Metamask extension is open while browsing the site.

Once the public release of GU is available, Genesis Set packs will no longer be sold by the developer. The only way to obtain these cards at that point will be to buy them from other players.

However, a new set of “Season 1” cards will be produced soon after the game is released. These will be completely different cards from the ones offered in either the Genesis or Core sets.

Linking your Ethereum wallet to Gods Unchained

Once you've bought Genesis Set or other blockchain-backed cards, you'll need to link your Ethereum wallet to the Immutable game client.

To do this, first login to the Gods Unchained website.

Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click connect now.

link ethereum wallet

Metamask will popup and ask if you want to connect.

Connecting metamask

Push the connect button. Your Ethereum wallet address will now be linked to your account.

As a result, as long as you are logged into your game client, the client will check the Ethereum blockchain to see what Genesis Set cards are in your inventory. And whatever cards you own will show up within the game, allowing you to build a deck with them immediately.

Gods Unchained as an Esport

After the public release, the developer plans to hold a world tournament, funded by 10% of all card sales. So far, the company has raised over $400,000 for this purpose.

The plan is to create a class of elite GU players who will make a living entirely from the game, turning Gods Unchained into an Esport that rivals Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering Online, DoTA, World of Warcraft Arena, and others.

So if you want to participate, now is a great time to get started practicing.

Gods Unchained review (Updated!)

We've played quite a few blockchain games here at Castle Crypto. Some of them have been great, while others have needed a lot of work.

But Gods Unchained is one of the best crypto games we've seen. And each time the developer makes an update, it seems to get even better.

When we first played Gods Unchained, some of its features didn't work, and the game client itself ran slowly.

But this newest build has completely revamped the graphics, created a simpler mana indicator, introduced premade decks that actually work, and dramatically sped up the game client.

In addition, this new build has introduced voice-acting for the god characters, complete with humorous lines whenever the player tries to do something that is against the rules.

This is exactly the kind of detail-oriented design that players of major PC games expect. And these kinds of small touches are rare in blockchain games. But we see it in Gods Unchained.

It should be clear from the preceding statements that we love Gods Unchained.

But having said that, there are some players that should probably stay away from this game.

Gods Unchained is a competitive collectible trading card game. There is no PvE element to it at all. There are A.I. opponents you can practice against, but defeating them will earn you no experience. So this element of the game will get boring pretty quickly if you play it exclusively.

Players who are not interested in a totally PvP-oriented game should stay away from Gods Unchained.

Players who are accustomed to the rules of Magic: The Gathering may also have a hard time adapting to the strategies used in Gods Unchained. Because a player in GU can attack either his opponent or his opponent's creatures, the overall “feel” of the game can be quite different from MTG.

However, MTG players may also really enjoy Gods Unchained. So we are not saying that MTG players should stay away from GU. But if you are considering making this switch, keep in mind that you are going to need some time to unlearn old habits.

So Gods Unchained is a great game. But like all games, it isn't for everyone.

Gods Unchained and cross-realm play

There have been offers in the past to merge games or universes such as this Cryptokitties offer:

gods unchained crypto kitties statue
A previous offer to claim cryptokitty based items.

Check back to this page for the latest updates whenever new builds are released.

Is Gods Unchained a Scam?

Many people ask this question about any crypto project. We feel you need to do your own research as right now there does not appear to be any indication of foul play.

The reason this was a question initially was because packs were available for sale LONG before you could play, which had many players wondering what they were worth.

Information from The Crypto Lark
Rare cards still available!
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Gods Unchained is one of the best crypto games we've seen. And each time the developer makes an update, it seems to get even better.Gods Unchained Updated Review & News - Why You Should Claim Cards NOW