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  • Ethereum required
  • Metamask required
  • BETA live but somewhat restrictive
  • Active Discord community
  • Backed by Coinbase, OpenSea, CryptoKitties
  • Top 5 on State of the DApps (January 2019)
  • Difficult to gain access and play!

Gods Unchained is one of the first digital collectible trading card games built using blockchain technology.

The BETA is scheduled to be open to the wider public on June 10th, 2019.

Watch the Official Trailer – Newly Released

It is similar to Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering Arena, with the exception that players of Gods Unchained actually own their cards and can trade them freely.

Gods Unchained has not yet been released publicly. But since December 2018, the developer has been allowing an increasing number of players to test out the beta version of the game.

This article will explain how to buy a pack of Gods Unchained cards, register for the beta, and play the game if you are allowed in.

Getting started with Gods Unchained

To get into the GU beta, you will need to buy at least one pack of cards from the “Genesis Set.”

This set of cards was created as a way to raise funds for the development of the game.

The number of packs available are limited. And when they sell out, the only way to buy these cards will be to purchase them from players.

The card packs vary in price based on the exchange rate for Ethereum, but are usually around $1 to $5.

Once you get into the beta, you will have access to another set of cards called the “Starter Set.” These cards will be free, but your opponents will have access to them just like you do.

You can purchase more than one Genesis pack to try to gain an advantage over your opponents or just stick with the minimum one pack. Regardless, you must have at least one pack to get onto the beta waiting list.

Keep in mind that buying a pack doesn’t guarantee you a spot in the beta either.

It’s possible the company may not get enough server capacity to handle all of the demand from players before the public launch.

Using Metamask

To buy GU cards, you will need to have ether in a Metamask wallet. You can buy ether from popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase. Metamask can be downloaded from the Chrome store.

Buying Cards

To buy packs of cards, navigate to the official Gods Unchained website. If you are logged into Metamask, you will get an alert stating that Gods Unchained wants to connect to your account.

Connecting metamask
Connecting MetaMask

Click connect. Next, click get cards in the upper-right corner.

buy cards with ethereum
Buy cards using Eth

Choose the type of pack you want. GU cards come in five rarities: common, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic.

All packs have five cards. Here is a breakdown of the rarity of cards found in different kinds of packs.

  • Rare – contains at least 1 card that is rare or better
  • Epic – contains at least 1 card that is epic or better
  • Legendary – contains at least 1 card that is legendary or better and 1 rare card or better
  • Shiny Legendary – contains at least 1 shiny (foil) legendary card and 1 rare or better

Once you have chosen the type of pack, click purchase. You’ll get a popup confirmation from Metamask.

Confirm the transaction
Confirm the transaction

Click confirm to complete the purchase.

Registering for the Beta

Once you’ve finished your first purchase, you’ll immediately be prompted to sign up for the waiting list by creating an Apollo account.

Register for the Beta
Register for the Gods Unchained Beta

Fill out the information and click sign up. You’ll receive a confirmation email. You’ll also be given an invitation link to the Discord channel for beta testers.

This Discord channel is used frequently by the people who are currently beta testing the game.

So it’s an important source of information even if you don’t yet have access to the game.

Within a day or two, you should receive an email with further instructions on how to register for the beta.

Opening packs

You can open the packs you’ve bought by clicking open packs from the homepage.

open packs of cards
Open packs of cards from the navigation screen.

Click open now. Your pack of cards should appear on the left. If it doesn’t appear, simply click open packs a second time.

Available card packs
Available card packs on the left.

Next, click and drag your pack onto the stone impression in the center of the screen.

You’ll see some animation showing your pack magically opening. When it finishes, you’ll see five facedown cards. Click each of them individually to see what they are.

click to open cards
Revealing your cards

Playing Gods Unchained

The developer of Gods Unchained has so far been unable to get its server capacity high enough to handle all of the people on the waiting list.

So for now, many players are stuck reading Discord conversations and just hoping to get to play soon.

But once you do get admitted to the game, you will need to know how to play.

Here is a primer on the rules of Gods Unchained.

Gods Unchained Rules and Objectives

The object of the game is to reduce your opponent’s life total to zero. Players begin the game with 30 life.

You can choose to play against a human opponent or an AI controlled one.

Choosing a God and God Power

When the game begins, each player chooses a god and god power. Here is a list of the gods available:

  • Thariel – God of light
  • Auros – God of war
  • Aeona – Goddess of nature
  • Elyrian – God of magic
  • Malissus – Goddess of death
  • Ludia – Goddess of deception

Each god has four regular god powers and one ultimate power, for a total of five. At the beginning of the game, you must choose which of the five you will use.

If you choose a regular god power, it can be activated once per turn by paying its mana cost. If you choose the ultimate power, it can be activated only once for the duration of the game.

In other collectible trading card games, a player may sometimes be faced with an opponent’s deck that his is weak against, even if his deck is excellent against most other decks.

This is a classic “bad matchup.” God powers are intended to alleviate this problem by giving players more flexibility against different opponents.

Initial Hands and Mulligans

After choosing a god power, each player draws three cards. Either player can discard one or more of his cards and draw new ones to replace them, but this can only be done by each player once.

When this process is finished, each player draws two additional cards, for a total of five. (Note: the designers have said this rule will change to something “fancier” in the public release)

Mana Cost

Each card costs mana to use, which is shown in the upper-left corner of the card. A player’s available mana starts at 1 on the first turn and increases by 1 each turn.

Compared to Magic: The Gathering, there are no “land” cards in Gods Unchained and no “colors” of spells.

The only limit to playing a card is the amount of mana required to use it. This is to prevent “mana screw,” or the problem of a player losing just because he didn’t draw enough land.

Creatures and Combat

Some cards can be used to summon creatures. Like in other games, these creatures have summoning sickness when they first come into play. They cannot attack until the turn after they are summoned.

A player can attack his opponent’s creatures using his own creatures. Only if his opponent has no creatures can he attack his opponent to reduce his opponent’s life total.

Hearthstone players will find this rule familiar, but Magic: The Gathering (MTG) players may find it confusing.

The goal of this rule though is to force players to enter combat on a regular basis, so as to clear the board.

This should increase the pace of the game and reduce cognitive overload from “combat math.”

Some may argue that this reduces the complexity of the game. But from the GU developer’s perspective, it also makes the game more fun and less frustrating.

Gods Unchained as an Esport

Once the game is released publicly, the developer plans to hold a world tournament, funded by 10% of all card sales. So far, the company has raised over $377,000 for this purpose.

The plan is to create a class of elite GU players who will make a living entirely from the game, turning Gods Unchained into an Esport that rivals Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering Online, DoTA, World of Warcraft Arena, and others.

The developer, Fuel Bros., plans to release the game publicly in the first or second quarter of 2019.

So if you want to participate, you may want to start getting prepared now.

As of today, and for the next week or so, Gods Unchained has partnered with Crypto Kitties to offer unique collectible statues.

It is unknown if this offer will be made available again.

gods unchained crypto kitties statue

Check back to this page for the latest updates on game development and the ability to sign up to play.

Is Gods Unchained a Scam?

At this point, it’s very hard to say. We would simply ask that you do your own research, but our “guess” would be we don’t think so.

Here is another take from A Space Games:

A solid take with good research
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