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Gods Unchained Receives Investment Injection of $15 million!


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From Immutable, announced via Medium.

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We're thrilled to announce that we've received $15M USD, in a Series A financing round led by Naspers, the largest shareholder of Tencent (the largest gaming company in the world), and Galaxy Digital. The round was followed on by Apex Capital and others.

That's a whole lotta dough.

Before we dig into all the questions, we need to talk about our baby, Gods Unchained.

It's been a good run, we've accomplished a few things since our announcement that Ethereum would be the future of gaming, including:

  • We became the most popular blockchain game in the world.
  • We overtook other mainstream TCGs like Artifact, Faeria, and Kards.
  • We auctioned Hyperion for $62,000 to own the title of the (second) most expensive TCG card ever sold.
  • We showcased how we're creating more scalable, cost-effective ways of generating non-fungible tokens on the network.
  • Over a dozen community websites have been created.
  • Someone funded the first Gods Unchained pro team.
  • We bred our DNA with CryptoKitties in an epic cross-promotion.
  • We hired amazing leaders from Riot, EA, Ubisoft just to name a few — and brought on the former Game Director of Magic The Gathering Arena, Chris Clay.
  • We created a system that allows players to make money winning matches in the game (and we just announced another, today).
  • We rebranded from Fuel Games to Immutable, partially because we like to flex, partially because it's a badass name, but also because it aligns well with our goals as a technology company.
  • We sold 5 million cards.
  • We did this all from scratch, in just over a year, with help from an incredible community (that's you!!!!).

But all good things must come to an end. And by end, I mean small cramped offices, engineers doubling as art directors, and a sleep schedule that can only be described as unhealthy (well… that probably won't change).

So let's get onto it, with these 4 FAQs (which aren't actually frequent, considering this is news today, but I think you'll ask them so…yeah).

Q1: What are you going to do with the money?

We're planning to pour it into development and marketing for Gods Unchained and the Immutable Platform.

Q2: What's Gods Unchained?

Go home, son.

Q3: What's the Immutable Platform?

It's essentially an operating system for decentralized applications (dapps). We'll be allowing third-party developers to utilize the technology we're creating to power our own games while offering an array of applications to provide a “noob-proof” experience for users to jump in and interact with this new digital asset class.

Q4: Do you sell magical internet cards?

WE DO!! I'm surprised you asked, and here I thought I would have to put a CTA to pick up some cards at the end of this letter… Our Genesis Sale, featuring exclusive first edition cards is only live until October 29th.

After this date, we won't produce anymore, their stats will be locked and they will become tradable. If you want to own some of this exclusive set, the only way is to buy cards now from godsunchained.com or try and buy them off another player later.

So that's all — thanks to our incredible investors, both new and old. And to our community, moderators, team, and everyone else who has made Gods Unchained what it is today…


The Immutable Team

Is this finally the massive boost to blockchain games (and specifically trading card games with non-fungible tokens) that we needed?

Does this prove that sentiment is still high for Ethereum to be the leader when it comes to crypto games?

Only time will tell, but Gods Unchained seems to be making a ton of progress in a very short amount of time. Initially the BETA was not available despite cards being for sale, which was somewhat of a turn-off to many crypto investors and gamers.

It will be very interesting to see how this news plays out!

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