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Gods Unchained Announces $GODS Token & Mints Genesis Cards on Immutable X


Gods Unchained seems to be following in the footsteps of Splinterlands and Axie Infinity by announcing a governance token.

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Gods Unchained, the top blockchain card game, has announced support for a new token that builds on their mission to empower players by changing game economies forever.

SYDNEY, Australia — 24th June, 2021 — In partnership with Nine Realms, Gods Unchained is building support for a new Ethereum token: $GODS, to scale its trading market and play to earn systems.

This is part of the leading blockchain card game's mission to change how game economies function, shifting the power from developers to players by providing in-game assets that players actually own.

The $GODS token will sit at the heart of the game's ecosystem, providing both in-game and external utility. At launch, GODS token will operate as a utility and governance token, giving holders a voice in the digital space, as well as active opportunities that allow players to earn rewards through gameplay campaigns.

Over time, functionality will expand to embed the token within Gods Unchained's play to earn game loops, allowing players to earn $GODS tokens by simply playing the game. $GODS will then directly interact with Gods Unchained's popular assets, being used to craft new NFTs that players can wield in-game and trade or sell on the marketplace.

As one of the highest-grossing blockchain games of 2020, Gods Unchained has logged millions of matches during its ongoing beta and boasts over 4 million assets. The token launch comes off the back of Gods Unchained's latest expansion set: Trial of the Gods completely selling out, with a new expansion on the horizon.

$GODS is an ERC-20 token that will interact natively with , the groundbreaking layer 2 scaling solution for trading. The Immutable X platform allows for peer to peer trading without the hindrance of gas fees, and will be expanding to include ERC-20 tokens once the $GODS token drops.

Gods Unchained recently announced that the Genesis card set is now available for trading on the Immutable X marketplace. This is great news for early card holders that have been waiting to add their cards to a marketplace without the painfully high gas fees of Ethereum.

The Immutable X layer two solution will allow gasless trading which should help jump start the card economy.

Immutable X also recently announced a partnership with Ecomi and the VeVe app.

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