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Genies Crypto Avatars Moments #2 Drops on OpenSea


A major trend in gaming and tech is the creation of one's avatar, a digital representation of the self or someone else.

genies flow blockchain

Genies is a digital avatar and goods technology company looking to bring and SDK to help users create fun, 3D characters to life, often based on real people. It will operate on the Flow blockchain.

For example, Justin Bieber got in the one action last November, 2020.

OpenSea just scheduled an event for this week – Genies Moments Drop #2 – Friday 2/26/21 @ 12pm PT.

opensea drops

With huge brands like Gucci in the mix, it will be interesting to see how rare and desirable the Genies avatar collectibles will become.

On the listings, it says that there is “unlockable content.”

genies moments drop #2 opensea

Shawn Mendes Genies

Shawn Mendes & Genies will be launching exclusive  on OpenSea from 3pm ET 2/26/21.

A message from Shawn:

“Inspired by my album Wonder, I'm dropping collectible Genie Moments to raise funds with an aim to amplify, uplift, and empower young digital artists who are using their talent to create positive, social change. With proceeds from all collections going to support the Shawn Mendes Foundation Wonder Grants program, and a new pool of grants launching with Genies to support young digital artists, we're hoping this drop will enable young creators to prosper. In this drop, you can contribute to that cause while unlocking rare Wonder digital wearables for your own Genie.”

Are you going to try and purchase anything from this new edition? Let us know in the comments.

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