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Gemini Offers Custody of Gaming Coins in Gemini Custody™


In a recent post by Tyler Winklevoss, and crypto OG, it was announced that Gemini Custody™ has launched, and includes a number of cryptos that can be managed through the service.

What's interesting here is that of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies out there, blockchain gaming related coins have a noticeable presence!

This includes Enjin Coin, Loom Network, and MANA (Decentraland). Even BAT (Basic Attention Token) makes an appearance on the ERC-20 token list.

If anything, this feels like a validation of many of these projects, at least in some sense.

Gemini has a reputation to uphold and given the treacherous landscape that is the crypto industry, they are likely to have done a significant amount of research into each project to deem them “worthy.”

, Loom, and Decentraland have had a particularly strong level of adoption and user interest given how early we are in the world of blockchain gaming.

Enjin in particular already has a number of games that have directly implemented their blockchain wallet and asset distribution system.

And finally, given all of the heat that Ethereum takes for lacking the ability to scale and the uncertainty around 2.0, this is some potentially bullish sentiment.

Overall the future landscape is completely unknown but small signs like this are great for the blockchain gaming niche, since many projects are banking on the success of Enjin Coin or Loom, and Ethereum generally.

It looks like Gemini will soon be “supporting even more” coins in the future, so we will keep an eye out for any other positive signals.

But for now, the presence of crypto game related currencies offers a confidence boost to early investors.

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