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The Best Exchanges to Buy Gaming Crypto & How to Invest


With the increasing popularity of crypto gaming and the metaverse, many people are looking for ways to invest. We compiled a list of our top NFT tokens to buy, and many people are looking to get in.

But the question always comes up – where do you buy metaverse crypto?

This list helps you decide where to buy gaming cryptocurrency tokens that are rising in popularity. We selected only reputable or privacy focused exchanges.

When evaluating gaming projects, we look for the following:

  • Long-term consistent project growth
  • Strong use case supported by research and test usage
  • Strong and active community on social media
  • Active player base that increases month to month
  • Frequent updates on YouTube, Twitter, Twitch or other social media profiles

Where to Buy Gaming Crypto with USD

The following exchanges are a great place to purchase your investments:


Gemini offers one of the best upcoming metaverse tokens, SAND, which is the cryptocurrency for The Sandbox Game.

This game has HUGE potential and is probably one of the best buys! Most people don’t realize that it’s available on Gemini using USD.


Coinbase offers some of the top gaming focused coins, including

If you are looking for long term holds, you can’t go wrong with any of the above. You’ll even get $5 in free Bitcoin for signing up.

Buy Gaming Cryptos Using Other Crypto

If you don’t want to use USD and sign up with KYC, you can also exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or many other cryptocurrencies for the top gaming projects.

The Metaverse Exchange

The best place to swap gaming tokens is gg.exchange.

This crypto to crypto exchange is great because it offers all of the best projects to invest in, but you can swap almost anything you’d like to get in to the leading games.

This no KYC, privacy focused exchange offers all of the following and more:

All of the above recommendations have thus far proven the test of time. Be very careful investing in any random coin that was created yesterday, even if it shares the brand name of famous IP, or is said to be made be a well-known gaming company.

There are rug pulls and scams all over – be vigilant, stick to the best exchanges, and you will do well.

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