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Is Game of Thrones About to Join The Sandbox Game?


This information is speculation and is NOT confirmed at this point!

There has been a lot of intrigue recently about some big IP partners joining The Sandbox Game.

As an open world adventure game, The Sandbox perfectly lends itself to some incredible possibilities for existing IP to stake their land claim to set up and monetize in-game experiences using a massive brand.

One such brand could be Game of Thrones. It has a hugely popular medieval theme with sword fighting, dragons, zombies, and all kinds of fantastical creatures.

game of thrones

Despite a disappointing final season, the brand has an enormous following and currently has some prequels in the works. There is also the long-time book readers that have desperately waited for the final two books in the series.

Carving out a huge area of land in The Sandbox Game could be a great way for Game of Thrones to capture a presence. Revenue for in-game assets and rare items could be a great way to monetize the brand through the use of crypto.

Land Owner Email – Zombies!

A recent email to all landowners revealed a hint about incoming IP and partners.

Zombie emojis were used with a “wink” emoji.

game of thrones in sandbox game

This could also be The Walking Dead, considering the huge popularity of that brand and TV show. Game of Thrones has more of a “hack and slash” fit.

Could this email be a direct hint that Game of Thrones is on the way? Only time will tell…

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