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GAME Credits Makes NFTs Easy!


Game Credits

GAME Credits is a new blockchain gaming ecosystem that seeks to make it easy for developers to produce NFTs. Developers do not need to write Solidity code or deploy smart contracts to use the system. Instead, they can create items using a simple SDK or a few REST API calls, just as is done with non-blockchain games.

GAME Credits is powered by the SKALE Layer 2 Ethereum sidechain. Players can stake their GAME Credits to their favorite games to earn NFT rewards from these games. At the same time, games that have more GAME staked in their favor gain more bandwidth on the network and earn more rewards.

Numerous blockchain games have already signed up, including Dissolution, The Sandbox, and Chainbreakers.

The GAME Credits system seeks to speed up blockchain gaming adoption by attracting more developers through a simple, easy-to-use process.

SKALE sidechain

GAME Credits runs on the SKALE sidechain,  a Proof of Stake (PoS) chain with high transaction throughput.


At the heart of the GAME Credits system lies the GAME Mint. This is a contract on SKALE. It allows developers to mint items by paying GAME transaction fees instead of ones.

Because SKALE has higher throughput and lower transaction fees, developers can mint GAME NFTs at a small fraction of the cost of minting Ethereum ones. At the same time, players can still transfer GAME items to Ethereum if they want the added security of a PoW chain.

GAME Exchange

The GAME Exchange contract allows players to trade items between each other without needing to transfer them to Ethereum. 

Players do not need to own a wallet to trade items. They can trade entirely with user interfaces provided by developers. These interfaces can be developed using RESTful APIs.

Only if a player wants to convert his GAME to ETH will he need to use a wallet.

GAME Rewards

GAME Rewards allows players to stake their GAME tokens to receive rewards from developers. These rewards can include unique NFTs or additional GAME tokens.

If a game's players have staked tokens, the developer earns transaction fees based on the amount players have staked.

GAME Explorer

GAME Explorer allows players to view all of their GAME assets in a single interface. Players can also gift items or GAME to other players using this interface. And they can top up their GAME if it is getting too low.

GAME Tournaments

GAME Tournaments is currently in development. Once finished, it will provide a way for players to organize provably fair competitions. Cryptography will be used in tournaments to prevent any players from cheating. 

At the same time, players will not need to rely on developers to organize competitions – since a trustless process will be used to ensure fairness.

Where to buy GAME

GAME can currently be purchased from several different cryptocurrency exchanges, including Uniswap, Bittrex, BitBay, Dove Wallet, Swapzone, and others. A complete list of exchanges can be found on the official GAME token page.

Collectors can also sign up for email updates from this page if desired.

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