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Gala Games to Launch Web 3 NFT Game GRIT on Epic Games Store


Despite mainstream gamer pushback to NFTs on nearly every level (usually lack of understanding), game companies are pushing forward.

Games has announced that its upcoming title GRIT will be available on the Epic Games Store.

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This will be one of the first major web 3 gaming introductions to millions of traditional gamers.

According to Gala Games:

GRIT Characters are ERC-721 NFTs. Players will play as these unique gunslingers in the game and potentially earn rewards as they shoot up a storm and dominate the frontier.

Each Character is generative, meaning that each will have a unique combination of attributes and traits to sport their own signature look. Every GRIT Character features loadouts to further customize both their fashion and playstyle. Loadouts will allow owners to leverage specific perks in matches.

It's interesting that this seems to be launching on Ethereum although their announcement post didn't make it clear. Many projects have transitioned to using ERC-1155 as their method of deployment, or even using a layer 2 or alternate layer 1 like .

There will be a total of 10,000 Character Boxes released in this sale. The sale will happen in phases, with each phase extending the whitelist to a wider group within the community. To make sure that there's plenty of GRIT to go around, however, only two purchases per account will be allowed. This helps everyone interested in jumping into GRIT a chance to get their own unique Character.

Each phase of the sale will have different price points, and each phase will last 24 hours, starting from 1:45pm Malta time (4:45 AM PT), and proceeding to the next phase at the same time each day after for the duration of the saleThe whitelist schedule leading up to the June 9th public sale is as follows:

  • June 6th — Galaverse Attendees- $600
  • June 7th — Founder's Node License holders- $1200
  • June 8th — Gala Gold- $1500
  • June 9th — Public Sale- *

As I have always said, the game needs to be fun or NFTs, web 3, blockchain – none of it will matter or be embraced.

There has not been any news on whether a token of any sort will be introduced. Hopefully the answer is no, at least to start.

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