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How to Get a Free NFT Right Now


Many people are looking to get involved with NFTs but don't want to pay extremely high gas fees that are associated with marketplaces like OpenSea.

Here are some instructions on how to get your first free courtesy of one of the best projects out there, !

Step 1 – Download the Enjin Wallet

Open the app store on your phone and download the Enjin wallet. Enjin is one of the leading blockchain and NFT gaming technology companies.

Install the wallet and make sure to back it up using the instructions. This involves writing down your seed phrase which will be random words that allow you to recover your account.

Step 2 – Visit Enjin.io and Scan the QR Code

If you are sitting at a computer or laptop, visit enjin.io. You will see a QR code on the page.

Open the Enjin wallet, click the top left menu and select “Scan QR.”

You possibly could scan the QR code from the image above, but they may change it from time to time so it's best to visit their website.

Just hold the phone up to the screen and you will receive your first free NFT drop!

How to Scan Enjin QR Code from Mobile

In order to scan an Enjin QR code from a browser, screenshot the QR code from your phone.

Then, when you click “Scan QR” from the app, select “Choose QR code from Gallery” to scan the QR and receive an NFT.

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