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Forest Knight: ENJ-Backed, Turn-Based Strategy


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Forest Knight is a turn-based strategy game under development from Chrono Games. When it is released, the developer plans to provide Enjin-backed items within the game. Because of this, it has gotten some attention from the blockchain gaming community.

There is very little information known about Forest Knight. Details from both the developer's website and from interviews has been scarce.

But this article will explain what we know about the game so far. It will also explain how you can keep up with the development of Forest Knight in the future.

Forest Knight concept

Forest Knight is being developed by Chrono Games, which is a one-person development studio consisting of Behfar Iranmanesh.

Iranmanesh studied Computer Science at the University of Hamburg, where he learned to program in C#, Java, and Unity 3D.

While living in the outskirts of Hamburg, Iranmanesh had to endure long rides into town for any task that he needed to accomplish. He would spend hours with nothing to do, just waiting to get into town.

In order to combat the boredom, Iranmanesh spent his time playing video games on his phone.

And soon, he decided that he wanted to make games himself, so that other people could look forward to long trips instead of dreading them.

After having spent some time working on a turn-based strategy game for mobile phones, Iranmanesh ran across the idea of blockchain technology and became interested in it. He later met some representatives from -coin at a local blockchain conference, and this inspired him to include Enjin-backed items in his game.

Thus, the concept of Forest Knight was born.

Forest Knight trailer

Chrono Games has produced a gameplay trailer for Forest Knight.

From what it shows, the game looks very similar to other titles in this genre, such as Banner Saga, Mystery of Fortune, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of The Lions, and Heroes of Steel.

Will Forest Knight hold the attention of players in this crowded mobile gaming genre? The trailer doesn't provide enough information to answer this question.

But it does show that the developer understands the genre well and can produce graphics that are up to par with what is expected.

Gameplay in Forest Knight

forest knight gameplay

We've searched far and wide for information on Forest Knight gameplay. Here is what we have found so far:

ENJ-backed items

Forest Knight will contain ENJ-backed items. Like others in the ENJ multiverse, these items will be created through a process called “minting.”

A certain amount of ENJ will be put into a smart contract when the item is created.

If the owner ever decides to “cash out” of the game but can't get a buyer who will pay more than this amount, he will be able to “melt” (destroy) the item and have the ENJ held in this contract sent to his wallet.

In this way, all ENJ-backed Forest Knight items will have a floor underneath their prices, at least in terms of ENJ itself. This should help to support the collectible market in the game and help its user base to grow.

One-player game first, then PvP will be added

one player rpg

When the game first opens, it will be a one-player game. Players will fight their way through maps of NPC opponents.

As they win, they will earn gold and gear that can be used to upgrade their teams.

Once the game is released and revenue starts flowing in, Chrono Games plans to use the money it earns to develop a PvP arena where players can match their teams against each other in turn-based strategy matches.

Daily rewards

daily rewards

Players will be given daily rewards to entice them into continuing to play. The King of the realm NPC will hand out these rewards in-game.

Unique hero stats

unique hero stats

Each hero will have its own stats and abilities. Players will be able to organize a team from the collections of heroes they own.

Because each set of heroes will have unique advantages and disadvantages, changing the composition of a team will lead to different experiences in battle.

The developer believes this will lead to the game having high replay value.


It's still too early to know whether Forest Knight will be a fun game. So far, it appears to be a run-of-the-mill turn-based strategy game.

But for players who like these kinds of games, having another title on the shelf with new levels may be exactly what they need – even if the gameplay isn't very innovative.

And for players that value the collectibility of heroes and items, Forest Knight may be an especially attractive title.

It is the only one-player game in this genre to offer ENJ-backed collectibles. CryptoFights does offer turn-based strategy with ENJ items, but it is strictly PvP.

So if being able to own your one-player RPG character is important to you, you may want to join the Forest Knights Telegram channel and keep up to date with news on its development.

As the game gets closer to release, the developer may release more information about it. If so, we will report on it here.

And once the game is released, we will play through it and let you know how it compares to other games in this genre.

So if you're interested in Forest Knight, check back to this page for updates in the future.

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