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FC Barcelona Announces Partnership with Chiliz – A Platform That Also Just Partnered with Enjin


Last week on February 6th, 2020, Enjin announced a partnership with Chiliz, which is a digital currency for sports that powers the Socios.com platform.

This was simultaneously announced by Socios as well.

This could be potentially massive for adoption for a few reasons.

First, it has been thought that one of the ways to get more people involved with crypto is through gaming, or a gamification experience. In some cases, the players may or may not even know that they are playing on top of a blockchain.

Gaming is already massive, with tech-savvy users everywhere uses mobile devices and desktop computers to play a multitude of games which often feature unique items and collectibles.

But until now, these items were centralized or “stuck” within each game.

Enjin has been quietly leading the way with a number of major solutions to introduce blockchain to gaming, with their own SDKs, marketplace, and eventually their own blockchain.

FC Barcelona – A Massive Brand

Recently we have seen Microsoft hop on board with their Azure Heroes program.

Now, one of the biggest soccer clubs in the world has partnered with a blockchain company to begin creating these engaging fan experiences, likely all centered around collectibles!

Imagine if Lionel Messi NFTs are the first breakthrough collectible, so rare and desired that true fans just HAVE to own them.

In the tweet above, Enjin hinted that there could be “…hopefully lots of #NFTs to celebrate trophies and awards 😉”

This could mean more and more Enjin Coin could be locked up, causing the price to rise.

But as always, time will tell.

This is a developing story, so check back later for more updates.

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