Top Ethereum Games for 2023


Approved List of Games That Use the Ethereum Blockchain

In our quest to discover the best games with the most potential, our goal is to create a list that you can bookmark to come back and learn where to spend your time or gwei (“gas” used on the network).

Please note – some of these games are still in beta or under development. However, they provide a reasonably good gaming experience, transaction functionality, a growing or active user base, and what appear to be solid plans for future growth.

LTC Casino

LTC Casino's Ethereum Games

LTC Casino effortlessly enables you to engage in a diverse array of Ethereum-based games without the hassle of going through cumbersome verification processes or other administrative procedures. As an added perk, you have the unique opportunity to test the waters with a complimentary trial.

Gods Unchained

play gods unchained

Gods Unchained is still in beta but has finally opened the doors to newcomers.

This games seems like it has a lot of hype and potential – get in early while you can and claim some rare cards!

It is similar in nature to HearthStone, one of the most popular online trading card games.

Lost Relics

forgotten artifacts

If you like dungeon crawling games similar to Diablo, then we highly recommend trying out Lost Relics. They have done an excellent job implementing Enjin tokenized assets and are probably the best example of blockchain based “inventory” items such as swords, shields, and consumables.

They have also led the way implementing assets from other games or dapps directly into the game! This is a peek into the future possibilities of blockchain gaming.

They continue to update the game and add more and more features. We highly recommend giving this one a try!

Axie Infinity

Axie infinity is a very popular game that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain. It is frequently near the top of the list on State of the Dapps.

Etheremon is currently recommended due to its vibrant user base and it’s high ranking on State of the Dapps. Also, the game is actually playable!


It also uses VR technology which is really sweet and likely the future of gaming.

This game is actually playable and your assets are permanently owned by you while also being tradable on a crypto collectible market.

My Crypto Heroes

This game usually sits at the very top of State of the Dapps with huge user activity and a lot of positive sentiment on social media.

This game is OK overall, but with the high level of user activity, it’s worth a try.

Our goal is to continually add approved games to the list so you can start playing with confidence.

Please note that in order to play most of these games, you’ll need a way to easily transfer eth.

This is accomplished using MetaMask, and most games will require that you log in before granting you the ability to create an account, buy collectible trading cards, or view your current inventory.

If you would like to submit a game for consideration please contact us and we may include it in our list of upcoming reviews.

Two of the most popular and explosive topics in 2023 are going to be blockchain games on Ethereum and video gaming in general.

Blockchain technology has introduced a fascinating new wave of innovation when it comes to ownership and scarcity within the world of video gaming.

Gaming and esports have become hugely popular and only continue to draw in more users and viewers with the rise of Twitch, professional gaming leagues, and the ability to stream live matches.

Ethereum smart contracts are being utilized to allow game developers to create in-game items, collectible trading cards, and other decentralized forms of gameplay that have introduced a new world of online gaming.

However, there are a large number of scams and projects that have no real intention of growing their user base or following up on any promises.

Castle Crypto has made it’s mission to discover, play, and rate eth games that we believe have the highest potential to be successful, with the lowest amount of “risk.”

Keep in mind that there is always some level of risk when it comes to investing in any crypto project and ether games are no exception. We are NOT telling you where to invest your money. Only put in what you can afford to lose since any asset can become worthless.

This list is subject to change at any time, and games will be removed if they no longer provide a high standard of play, security, or confidence in their future growth!

vitalik buterin
Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum

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