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Who Needs Street Fighter When You Can Have ETH Fighter?


ETH Fighter

A game in development called ETH Fighter is poised to bring the fighting game niche to the blockchain. ETH Fighter features collectible characters with variable stats, unique combos and movements, and a compelling backstory.

A Blockchain Fighting Game?

There have been many types of blockchain games in the past, including monster breeding, real-time strategy, CCGs, and RPGs. But Street Fighter and Mortal Combat style fighting games have been rare.

ETH Fighter seeks to change this by offering a high-quality fighting game on the blockchain.

ETH Fighter characters

Each ETH Fighter character is a collectible with 6 stats: power, health, mobility, techniques, range, and speed. Each character also has unique combos and taunts it can perform, as well as a backstory that explains its place within the lore of the gameworld.

Characters have several basic attacks and moves available to them, including punch, kick, throw, dodge, and block. Winning at the game consists of choosing these basic moves in the correct order and making the best use of each character's unique special attacks.


An ETH Fighter character can become stunned if his stun gauge reaches max. Each time he takes damage, his stun meter increases. In order to make this meter go down, he must spend time not taking damage.

A stunned character appears to be dizzy and cannot make moves for a few seconds.


Each character has V-Skills it can perform. These are defensive, counter moves that can only occur when the V-Gauge is full. The character's V-Gauge increases every time he gets hit by his opponent. When it hits max, V-Skills can be performed for a few seconds.

Critical arts

If a character hits his opponent enough times in rapid succession, he can push his critical gauge to max. This will unlock critical arts, devastating moves that can often finish an opponent off for good.

ETH Fighter presale

ETH Fighter is currently undergoing a presale that consists of four phases. The first phase began August 25, and the first three phases have already sold out. The fourth and final phase will begin on October 6th.

Characters are sold in crates. Each crate contains one random character of common, rare, legendary, or epic rarity. 

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