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eosDAC Creators Announce Alien Worlds Metaverse on WAX


Alien Worlds

Dacoco, creators of eosDAC, have announced the creation of a new gaming for called Alien Worlds. Alien Worlds will feature unique NFT land, artifacts, minions, weapons, and more. It will also allow players to mine a token called Trillium, upgrade NFTs to shiny versions, and vote in planetary politics.

Alien Worlds Metaverse

Alien Worlds is set in a universe that continues to expand. New planets are formed on a regular basis. 

Players can attempt to colonize these planets and mine them using tools backed by blockchain tokens. If they succeed, they earn the Metaverse's native token, Trillium.

Each planet can set its own resource strategy and create its own game that exists within the Alien Worlds Metaverse. Planets are ruled by decentralized autonomous communities (DACs) who gain power by Trillium.

“Federal” governance

Alien Worlds is governed under a “federal” system. The Federation (developer) pays out Trillium to planets on a stake-weighed basis. It also develops core NFTs and helps to onboard users through marketing.

In addition, the Federation is developing two core games that planets can choose to adopt: the Mining Game and Fighting Game.

Planets can choose how much Trillium to pay out to players as a reward and can develop their own NFTs, smart contracts, and UI if desired. Planets can also do their own marketing or simply rely on the Federation to attract players.

Mining and Fighting games

All planets have the option to adopt the two core games: Mining and Fighting.

In the Mining Game, players rent land from landowners and use it to farm Trillium. Being successful at this requires having the right tools and minions.

In the Fighting Game, players equip themselves with weapons and fight each other in the Thunderdome. Winners get rewarded with Trillium.


NFTs in the Alien Worlds Metaverse can be upgraded for shininess by combining 4 of the same item. All items begin at stone shininess, but can be upgraded first to gold, then stardust, and (finally) antimatter.

Some NFTs become more powerful as their shininess increases, while others simply have a better cosmetic appearance.

Alien Worlds Explorer Onboarding

Alien Worlds Launch Packs

Alien Worlds is preparing for an Explorer Onboarding Event. Prospective players can sign up with an email address to get early access to exclusive launch packs containing unique items.

WAX blockchain network

Alien Worlds exists on the WAX blockchain network. WAX is a DPoS network that focuses on gaming and NFTs. Its blocks are produced by Guilds, whom token holders elect to office. 

Guilds earn staking rewards for the role they play in governance. WAX also features a Worker Proposal System that rewards developers for improving the network.

Alien Worlds team

Alien Worlds is being developed by Dacoco. Dacoco is a prominent researcher into Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC) technology. Its previous token, eosDAC, achieved a market cap of $130 million at its height.

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