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Enjin’s First Multiverse Cross-Game Event – The Cyborg Quest


Anyone familiar with blockchain gaming knows that the defining features are true asset ownership, true scarcity, and the ability to use items across games.

has long discussed the idea of a “multiverse” and an ultimate quest the spawns many games. Many people consider this a Ready Player One type scenario.

Now, Enjin is ready to test this idea with the launch of an initial event dubbed “Cyborg Quest.”

This cross game storyline will feature the following blockchain games:

On August 3rd, 2020, the gateways will open, and you will have five days to acquire the Cyborg's head, torso, and legs.

Start your journey through 8 games to piece the Cyborg back together, and you'll have a shot at a prize pool worth over $50,000!

Find the Cyborg head, legs, and torso in Chapter 1:

🤖 Head: Recover it from Grasshopper Farm, My , or Kingdom Karnage. It's most easily gotten in Grasshopper Farm where you basically don't have to do anything and click a few tasks.

👖 Legs: Recover from Bitcoin Hodler or The Six Dragons. The legs are fairly easily gotten by making it to Cycle 10 in Bitcoin Hodler and then finding the Golden Piggy Bank.

👕 Torso: Recover from Forest Knight or Min-Mins by Enigma Games Inc

Play three or more blockchain games (one game from each part) until you successfully retrieve a Cyborg head, torso, and legs.

  • Start Date: Monday, August 3 at 11:00am PDT
  • End Date: Saturday, August 8 at 10:00pm PDT

All Cyborg pieces can be stored in your Enjin Wallet, a secure app for your blockchain gaming inventory.

Finally you will need to enter Lost Relics for the final mission.

Complete your mission by retrieving a working SwissBorg Decryption device from Lost Relics.

  • Start Date: Sunday, August 9 at 3:00pm PDT
  • End Date: Saturday, August 15 at 11:00pm PDT

Come August 3rd 2020, we will see one of if not the first ever cross-game event where all players are essentially on the same quest looking for the same items.

There are $50,000 worth of prizes up for grabs.

We will be keeping a close eye as the Cyborg Quest unfolds in what is a very exciting milestone for blockchain games.

Update – August 9th, 2020

After collecting all three pieces of the Cyborg, we completed the final quest in Lost Relics to find the Swissborg Decryption Key.

We will be rewarded with a special Cyborg , the ability to play as the Cyborg in Lost Relics, and a chance to won the various Swissborg prizes.

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