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Announcing EnjinCraft – Open-Source Java SDK, Minecraft Plugin & Minecraft Server!


Update Jun 10, 2019

has just sent the first airdrop reward for holding an MFT token.

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Enjin has just announced an Open-Source Java SDK, Minecraft Plugin & Minecraft Server which is a Blockchain compatible and enables the java developers all over the world to incorporate decentralized assets and crypto collectibles into their games and applications.

This is incredibly bullish for Enjin and the overall blockchain gaming community!

Java itself is used for

  • Games: Minecraft, Runescape
  • Web Applications: Gmail, Google Docs
  • Applications: Blu-ray Disc Java, Open Office
  • Android Apps: All native Android apps

Minecraft has amassed over 91 million users since its launch in 2009.

If you're a Minecraft server owner or Java developer, you can now use the Testnet version of our platform to successfully integrate a blockchain economy into your server.

Simon Kertonegoro

Interested parties should apply to the Enjin Spark program.

If you're a Minecraft server owner, you will be able to integrate real-world economies of value, provide your players with tangible ownership over the in-game assets and currencies you offer them, and create assets that can spill over into your chat rooms, websites, and the multiverse.

This announcement is a huge step toward bringing more gamers into the blockchain community by offering transferable assets. The overall idea that you can use a sword in one game and then potentially bring it to another is awesome!

“Blockchain assets are simply amazing—you can distribute them via your server or completely separate games, apps, websites, online stores, chat rooms, and social media platforms. Your players can own them forever, trade them freely, and—of course—jump into your server and use them seamlessly.”

You can find a list of Minecraft assets already listed on EnjinX here.

This includes the classic wooden sword and shield which are now useable on EnjinCraft Server One and will be useable in over 30 games.

You'll be able to find 1,000s of ENJ backed assets, use them in multiple games, trade & sell them on the free market, own them forever.

“Here is the current list of games and platforms these two humble multiverse items will be usable in, along with a rough estimation of when you will be able to experience playable, blockchain-integrated releases of each:

EnjinCraft Demo with Boxmining and Witek
  • ReBounce: This month! (Android & iOS)
  • Forgotten Artifacts: This month! (PC)
  • Space Misfits: This month! (PC)
  • Forest Knight: June 2019 (Android & iOS)
  • Hodler: June 2019 (Android & iOS)
  • AlterVerse (17 Games): July 2019 (PC)
  • Kriptomat: Q3 2019 (web platform)
  • 9Lives Arena: Q3 2019 (PC)
  • Containment Corps: Q3 2019 (PC)
  • Cats in Mechs: Q4 2019 (Android & iOS)
  • Age of Rust: Q4 2019 (PC)
  • The Six Dragons: Q4 2019 (PC)
  • Nestables: Q4 2019 (Web GL, PC, Android & iOS)
  • Kingdom Karnage: Q4 2019 (Web GL, PC, Android & iOS)
  • Spirit Clash: Q4 2019 (PC, Android & iOS)
  • CryptoFights: Q4 2019 (Android)
  • A Turret's Life: Q1 2020 (PC)

One may wonder what implications this may have for a future enjin coin price prediction.

If more and more games are imbuing their in-game assets with Enjin Coin, this will make the coin more scarce and in-demand. Considering some of these games already have millions of users, it could skyrocket the demand for blockchain-based weapons, armor, keys, secret items, crypto collectibles, and more!

Enjin has been giving away crypto assets for some time now, which will eventually be used in games including the Oindrasdain Axe, Aeonclipse Key, ForgeHammer, and Stormwall Shield.

Coming Soon – Unreal Engine

A Blockchain SDK for Unreal Engine is coming soon. 

This enables Unreal developers to integrate decentralized economies into their AAA and indie titles.

This is bullish AF!

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