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Enjin Wallet Review – Hoard Those Collectibles! ERC-721 & ERC-1155


As many of you know, we try to cover the best emerging platforms, coins, and when it comes to crypto gaming.

While a wallet doesn't necessarily need to focus on gaming specifically, there is one in particular that incorporates a seamless crypto collectible integration along with the ability to hold standard cryptocurrencies.

The wallet comes from the Enjin team, the creators of the Enjin Coin and gaming SDK.

It boasts an impressive array of features as well as extra high level security that is vitally important for any crypto wallet.

The main display showing crypto holdings.

Compatible Cryptocurrencies

This wallet allows you to track hundreds of cryptocurrencies, all of which can be easily added from a convenient dropdown menu.

A send and receive function is readily available so that you can make transfers or payments quite easily.

Digital Collectibles

One of the most exciting developments in the world of video game blockchain are crypto collectibles.

Collections of Collectibles

These include ERC-20, ERC-721, and the relatively new ERC-1155 tokens which are stored on an address.

Until now, there haven't been too many ways to view or interact with your collectibles unless you logged into an Ethereum game using something like Metamask.

The Enjin Wallet comes with a beautifully designed user interface which shows off your collectibles.

Collectibles can be received through a QR code. The wallet comes loaded with a scanner that lets you scan any code, thus transferring the available token to your wallet within minutes.

This is exciting because it allows you to claim a token from nearly anywhere on the go. We've even seen some users sharing tokens from GDC19 on Twitter.

If you're fast enough, you can claim the tokens before they are gone!

This makes it somewhat fun an exciting when you happen to get a token that is limited in supply.

Occasionally you will be presented with a screen that shows your chances of getting a rare token by percentage.

For example, you might scan a QR code and be presented with a chest.

Below the chest are a list of 10 items or so and the percentage chance you have of finding an item.

I received an Archspire, with Enjin imbued.

The token I collected was an “Archspire” which apparently can be used across gaming universes which is pretty damn cool.

Items Backed by Imbued Enjin Coin

One of the great developments is that these assets are “imbued” or “forged” using Enjin Coin. The game developer decides how much ENJ to add to a particular item.

The collector can choose to “melt” these tokens down and convert them back into Enjin Coin if they want.

This also is somewhat of a hedge against a particular gaming shutting down.

Even if this happens, you can melt the items you collected back into Enjin Coin for us in other games or to create new items.


The first thing on everyone's mind should be security.

Enjin CTO Wiktek Radomski states that the Enjin Wallet has defense grade security and is one of the most secure wallets you can own.

Watch this clip of Witek discussing the security features:

For example, they reimagined how decrypted private keys are stored in standard crypto libraries or created ways to prevent key-logging on the wallet keyboard.

Of course, we recommend storing a majority of your crypto in cold storage such as on a Trezor, however for keeping a small amount of crypto on hand or keeping track of your collectible stash, Enjin is second to none.

Read the security audit here.

Built-In Exchange

The wallet also features a built-in exchange which as of this writing includes Kyber Network, Bancor, and Changelly.

Should You Download the Enjin Wallet?

If you are a digital collectible enthusiast that likes to hoard tokens, then yes, this is the perfect wallet for you.

It comes with the side benefit of being able to store the most popular cryptocurrencies such as and Litecoin while also holding Enjin Coin.

Desktop Wallet

As of right now there does not appear to be a desktop wallet from Enjin, but we will update this post later should that become available.

If you are just looking for a standard wallet, the user interface on this is so good that it will work just fine for that as well.

May 2019 News

Binance Chain support has arrived!

You can now monitor and manage infinite Binance Chain addresses, add $BNB assets, and will soon be able to place orders to Binance DEX's on-chain order books — without leaving the secure Enjin Wallet interface.

Which games use the Enjin Wallet?

We are actively compiling a list of Enjin games that use the wallet to store collectibles and in-game items. Check back often for game reviews and news to learn more about innovation in the blockchain gaming space, specifically with Enjin!

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The best wallet for collecting digital assets. Also great for standard crypto holdings.Enjin Wallet Review - Hoard Those Collectibles! ERC-721 & ERC-1155