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Enjin Releases New “Web Wallet” with Wallet 2.0 Release


Enjin has released Wallet 2.0 for Android, and also dropped their new “web wallet” technology that connects directly to .

This allows users that do not have a blockchain address to immediately create one on Efinity () and claim an NFT.

It also works with their long running “beam” technology which had always been one of the coolest ways to deliver NFTs.

The web wallet is accessed at https://wallet.enjin.io/.

This seems like a good solution for newbies, but is not a self-custody solution. In order to take full control of your NFTs, you would need to migrate them to the Enjin Wallet itself where you can control the seed phrase.

If you already have an Enjin wallet, you can import this wallet using the provided seed phrase.

When testing this I was able to import the wallet, however was getting some “cannot connect to server errors.”

Also I was using Brave Browser on iOS and it doesn't seem to remember that I already have a web wallet. I would not want to create another one.

This article will be updated with any new information or testing data.

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