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Enjin Relaunches Spark Program, Offering 200,000 Free Transactions for Enjin Blockchain Adopters


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Singapore – 9 May 2024 

Today, Enjin announced the official relaunch of the Enjin Spark Program. This initiative, first introduced in 2019, attracted over 125 games to the ecosystem during the nascent stages of the games market.

The updated Spark Program offers improved features and benefits. This includes Fuel Tanks backed by up to 10,000 ENJ, providing top adopters with 200,000 free transactions. Additionally, participants will receive 10,000 free transfers via Enjin Beam, 's QR-powered distribution system, along with other exclusive benefits.

Key Benefits for Spark Adopters:

  • 200,000 Free Transactions: Developers can receive up to 10,000 ENJ for their Fuel Tank, which provides free transactions for the project and its community.
  • 10,000 Free Enjin Beam QR Transfers: Creators are granted 10,000 Enjin Beam Credits, enabling them to use Enjin Beam QR codes for free transfers.
  • Featured NFT.io Collection: Adopters that get verified are featured on NFT.io. Additionally, Enjin promotes these projects' NFTs, which are exclusively on the Enjin Blockchain.
  • Priority Support: Projects have access to Enjin's private Slack, allowing direct collaboration with Enjin's developers and contributors.
  • Multiverse Items: Games & apps can reward users with high-utility, cross-game items that enhance player acquisition.
  • Collab Network: Projects gain access to an exclusive Slack channel, where they can forge partnerships with service providers curated to fast-track their growth.
  • Marketing Assistance: Games & apps receive marketing support, amplification, and strategic advice to help grow their audience.

“We're thrilled to relaunch the Enjin Spark Program, reaffirming our commitment to developer success,” said Rene Stefancic, Chief Operating Officer of Atlas Development Services, a core Enjin Blockchain contributor. “Together with Enjin's robust Web3 gaming technology stack, we are confident the Spark Program will attract a new wave of developers, fostering growth in the Enjin Ecosystem. The feedback from the program's early adopters is inspiring, and we're excited to open to door for new members of the ecosystem.”

Original Spark members from 2019, including Lost Relics, The Six Dragons, and Kingdom Karnage, have grown to become esteemed games in Web3, leading the industry in its formative stages. Today, the Spark program welcomes games, apps, and projects of all sizes to the Web3 market, as Enjin continues to solidify its position as a top gaming ecosystem.

“The unique features of Enjin Blockchain, including managed and fuel tanks, enable us to introduce traditional Web2 gamers to the limitless possibilities of Web3,” stated Savvas Lazopolous, CEO of BlockPegnio, the game studio behind The Six Dragons. “Our ability to blend Web2 accessibility with advanced Web3 functionality is made possible by Enjin's hands-on support through the Spark Program.”

By joining the Spark Program, high-quality projects will gain exclusive access to the growing number of technological innovations and growth initiatives formulated by Enjin's marketing contributors, designed to help games scale rapidly in the Web3 landscape.

“The Spark program has been instrumental for Etherscape. Feedback from these Web3 veterans has refined our core systems like governance,” said Sam Bayless, Founder of Etherscape, an early adopter of the new program. “Furthermore, their marketing support helped us find a core group of alpha players crucial for refining our design throughout alpha.”

Interested projects may visit Enjin's new Spark Program portal: enjin.io/join to find out more about the program and register as a Spark Adopter.

About Enjin

Launched in 2017, Enjin emerged as a pioneer in Web3 development, introducing the first gaming-specific development tools on Ethereum and designing the ERC-1155 token standard

Its comprehensive ecosystem supports the deployment of scalable Web3 games and applications, which has been utilized by hundreds of developers. 

Key components include:

  • Enjin Blockchain: Tailored specifically for gaming and app development, this blockchain offers scalability, enhanced security, and ease of use.
  • Enjin Platform & API: Provides tools that enable developers to incorporate Web3 functionalities into their games and apps efficiently, often within hours.
  • Enjin Wallet: A robust wallet acclaimed for its extensive features, integrating seamlessly with the Enjin Blockchain, Marketplace, Platform, and API. It serves over 3 million users.
  • NFT.io Marketplace: An intuitive platform for creators, traders, and developers to create and trade NFTs within minutes.
  • Enjin Beam: A novel way to send NFTs via QR codes, enabling the effortless distribution of thousands of items with just a few clicks.

Our Thoughts

Enjin continues to be far ahead of the curve with their crypto gaming technology. Their Beam technology to distribute NFTs is still the BEST option for influencers, streamers, and communities.

The question remains – will traditional gamers finally open up to NFTs in gaming during the next crypto gaming bull run?

Media Contacts

Rene Stefancic
Chief Operating Officer

Oscar Franklin Tan
Chief Financial Officer and Chief Legal Officer

Brand assets available at enjin.io/press-center 

Press Release distributed by Atlas Development Services, a core contributor to Enjin Blockchain, contact us at press@enjin.io 

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