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The Enjin Monolith is Worth Over 1 Million ENJ – Can You Find It?


The Enjin Monolith is a unique and secret digital collectible that is worth over 1,000,000 Enjin Coin (ENJ) or over $152,000 at the time this article is being written.

To find it, a player must traverse the entire Multiverse and solve a deep mystery. This article will explain everything you need to know about what this token is and how you can begin trying to find it.

The Monolith: An ERC-1155 token

The Monolith is an ERC-1155 token. ERC-1155 is a new token standard that allows for tokens to be either fungible currency or non-fungible collectibles. In the past, tokens had to adhere to either the ERC-20 or ERC-721 standards.

This complicated the process of swapping out collectibles for currency.

Developers wanted to build decentralized exchanges that would allow collectors to trade many different kinds of crypto-assets, including both fungible and non-fungible tokens. To do this, they needed a new standard. To accomplish this, the ERC-1155 standard was created.

The developer of ENJ claims that the Monolith is the first ever token to use this standard.

Made of over 1,000,000 ENJ


The Enjin Monolith is backed by over 1,000,000 ENJ. This ENJ is held in a smart contract and can only be released if the owner destroys the Monolith.

This is the way all Enjin Coin assets work. Each asset is backed by a certain amount of ENJ. Creating a new asset using ENJ is called “minting” the asset.

Destroying the asset to get back the ENJ is called “melting” the asset. Minting and melting are fundamental aspects of the ENJ economy, and they exist in every ENJ Multiverse game.

The smart contract backing the Monolith contains 1,155,777 ENJ. At current prices, this means a player could melt the Monolith and sell the ENJ received for approx. $179,000. However, because there is only one Monolith in existence, it's actual price may be much greater than this if the owner chooses not to melt it.

The Main Multiverse Quest

To find the Monolith, a player must finish a quest that spans across multiple games. Any game that uses Enjin Coin could contain part of this quest.

And the only clue players have to figure out how to start the quest is this comic from the developer of ENJ.

The comic depicts a wise sage talking to a young boy. The sage tells the boy about an ancient artifact called the Monolith that “exists in a time before time, in a space after there is none” and that “binds the worlds together.” He speaks of “wizards” and “witches” that move between worlds. The wizards “shout,” while the witches “whisper.”

The boy tells the sage that he loves battles, and he wonders if this battle will be between wizards and witches. But the sage corrects the boy, telling him that the war is between a bull and a bear. In their first battle, the bull lost his horn, and it became trapped in a world of its own.

This horn is “the ultimate sacred relic” and can be found by “skilled craftsmen, reputable traders, and adventurous anarchists,” some of whom wield “a forgehammer.”

When a tradesmith finds the horn, he will sound it. This will call forth allies to fight in a final battle for a “distant moon on a forgotten planet.”

If you want to be the first player to find this one and only crypto collectible, this comic is the best place to start. There is no other information available as to where the Monolith might be.

The Enjin Coin Multiverse Games

The Main Multiverse Quest spans the entire ENJ Multiverse. Here is a list of ENJ games that may contain some parts to this quest.


The Monolith is something that has never been seen before: a secret, unique digital collectible that is buried deep within a gaming system. Previously, this type of an object only existed in science fiction stories such as Ready Player One. But thanks to blockchain technology, it is now a reality.

Assuming the price of ENJ does not fall significantly, the Monolith will be worth at least $100,000 – or possibly much more than that. So players from all over the world will be searching for it.

If you want to be the first to find it, start looking right away. And even if you aren't willing to look for it, you may want to keep up with the news on it – just to see what craziness unfolds as people compete to find it.

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  1. Half of the “games” you listed aren’t games, and the other half aren’t released yet. That’s a bummer, I was going to try to get going on the hunt. Thanks for letting us know, maybe I’ll give it another go in a few months when the games are ready.

  2. There was one game on that list that can be played lol, I guess I’ll wait, the enjin ecosystem is looking pretty exciting though.

    • We’re so early in this process that news is developing day by day. The list above will be updated as time goes on, but for now the real idea is to keep an eye on the Enjin Multiverse or any project that is built using the Enjin SDK and has Enjin wallet integration.

      Many games or projects have been announced but are not yet playable at this point in time.


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