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Enjin MFTs Are Now Temporarily Transferable In Unexpected Move


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Update – July 2022

It appears that MFTs are now “temporarily transferable” which is both unexpected and seemingly announced! The image has also changed to a video image with a new graphic.

UPDATE – November 1, 2019



  • Holding an Enjin MFT (Multiverse Founders Token) is like having an “NFT dividend”
  • Scarce & surprise airdrops are made which can then be held, sold, or used in some way
  • Rewards can themselves go up in value or be melted into Enjin Coin
  • Enjin MFTs will eventually be locked to certain Ethereum addresses. The time to get one is NOW
  • The token is fungible, but the rewards are often non-fungible

Most people hold cryptocurrencies or stocks hoping they eventually increase in value.

Some of the best stocks offer dividends which further increase the “rewards” you get for making a good bet.

In the world of crypto, some gaming projects offer what's known as an MFT or “multiverse founder's token.”

Think of it as a special item sent to very early adopters which has the potential to reward them for the life of the project (which could end up being years)!

Why Enjin?

At the time of this writing, Enjin is clearly leading the way in blockchain gaming innovation and project adoption.

Right now, they are the only platform to offer this sort of founder's token model.

Enjin games such as Forgotten Artifacts or The Six Dragons also offer their own MFT, but they apply only to these specific games.

This means you would only get free airdrops that can be used in the corresponding game. They can of course be sold or melted, but the point is that you're betting on one game at a time.

Enjin, being the “parent” to all of the games, makes it the ideal choice as the MFT to secure long term.

How to Get an Enjin MFT

As of right now, all Enjin MFTs have been distributed and bound. It is not possible to acquire one.

If Enjin goes on to become create massively popular gaming community that gains worldwide mass adoption, the ongoing rewards could be quite lucrative.

Do I need to register my Enjin MFT?

As of this time, you no longer need to register Enjin MFT tokens.

Telegram Channels For Trading

ERC-1155 Collectible Trading

Trade Enjin

Enjin Auction House

Token Value & Supply

  • ENJ Value – 20 ENJ
  • ENJ Per Item – 20
  • Type – Collapsible Fungible Token
  • Melt Fee – None
  • Transfer Fee – None
  • Total Supply – 785
  • Circulating Supply – 785
  • Hodlers – 775
  • Standard – ERC-1155 (Enjin)

View on EnjinX


The first MFT airdrop was delivered on June 10th, 2019.

It was an EnjinCraft Access Code which can be used to access the EnjinCraft demo server.

enjin craft access code

Clicking the “reveal code” button allows the holder to get an access code that can whitelist their Minecraft account on the EnjinCraft Server.

These tokens can be transferred or sold!

MFT Binding Airdrop – November 1, 2019

Wanderer's Elixir

The Mask of U'thuchul

January 1st 2020

Mark of the Bull – Tradesmith

mark of the bull

January 25, 2020

Shoo #672

shoo #672

Benefits of Holding an Enjin MFT

  • The token itself is worth 20 ENJ. If you really wanted to you could actually melt it if the price of ENJ mooned, however this would be unwise. But it has a base level value.
  • There is no telling how many rewards or scarce items you could get in the future. The value of these items could easily surpass your initial investment.
  • FOMO – people want what they can't get. Depending on the market you could make a ton by selling rare items.

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