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Enjin Unveils JumpNet Scaling Solution to Work with Effinity


continues to innovate within the space, quietly working on scaling solutions in the background.

They have now announced JumpNet, which will work in tandem with the upcoming scaling solution to offer “free-forever scaling” launching on April 6th, 2021.

Here are the details:

  • JumpNet: Launching April 6, JumpNet is a high-speed bridge network that will allow free, instant on-chain transactions of Enjin Coin and ERC-1155 tokens.
  • Efinity: Launching in 2021, Efinity is a decentralized blockchain for NFTs that will support next-generation token features and assets from any blockchain.

Two-way bridges between Ethereum, JumpNet, Efinity, and third-party chains will enable users to easily mint and port tokens onto multiple networks without worrying about high gas fees.

Anyone participating in blockchain gaming or NFT trade has felt the pain of high gas fees. Some would argue that congestion is a good thing, that “everyone is using Ethereum.”

But with gas fees super high, a majority of the potential market is completely priced out. Trying to claim or purchase gaming items is just simply not worth the additional cost for most people.

Enjin JumpNet working with Efinity

Enjin has yet to announced a launch date for Efinity, but says that it will be in 2021.

The price of Enjin Coin has surged recently with listings in Japan and continued news like Jumpnet and NFT.io.

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