Big List of All Games & Projects Powered by Enjin


Enjin is a powerful blockchain gaming platform that lets you mint scarce NFTs backed by Enjin Coin.

This brings about the idea of a “multiverse” in which game items from one game can be used in another since the Enjin Blockchain is immutable and accessible to all.

Enjin recently migrated all of their tokens and assets to Enjin Blockchain from Ethereum, which results in incredibly low fees and the ability for game makers to subsidize transaction fees for their users!

The Ethereum Enjin Coin is no longer the correct version of the token. You must now get Native Enjin on Enjin Blockchain, which can be staked for amazing rewards in the Enjin Wallet.

Here is a list of all Enjin games:

Many of these games include Enjin Wallet integration which allows the player to manage their blockchain item inventory such as swords, shields, playing cards, and character skins.