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Massive Enjin Update – Efinity on Polkadot, Enjin Coin Staking!


Updated 8/4/2021

EFI token will be launching on a number of platforms, including Uniswap, SushiSwap, OKEx, Blockchain.com Exchange, Crypto.com, and CoinList.

has released a massive news update regarding their scaling solution. Below are the highlights of the update:

Watch an earlier update here:

  • Efinity is built on for scaling & interoperability
  • Enjin Coin can be staked to earn Effinity token (EFI)
  • Infused ENJ contained inside minted NFTs will be staked automatically, and will passively generate EFI
  • New token standard called Paratokens, which will be compatible with the entire Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem
  • creators will be able to subsidize transaction costs for their customers by depositing EFI tokens into a Fuel Tank (a next-gen feature specific to Efinity)
  • The Efinity parachain uses decentralized governance. Anyone can submit a proposal, EFI holders can vote on proposals & referendums
  • Liquidity – Efinity has unbounded liquidity thanks to automated marketmaker Efinity Swap, enabling swaps for ENJ & ETI

Enjin is now listed on Coinbase!

Looking for more options to buy Enjin Coin? Read our guide.

With JumpNet launching on April 6th, Enjin is easily turning into the most advanced and forward thinking NFT solution.

The ability to stake Enjin Coin for passive income should increase the value of the token. What's also incredible is that Enjin used to create and back NFT assets will be auto-staked.

The Efinity logo now reveals the mysterious “double E” which is two Enjin logo's mirrored.

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    • You likely would need to buy it from someone that receives it from staking etc. As far as price, there is no way to know this early in the game, but given the success of Enjin so far I would bet on it in the long run.

  1. “Enjin Coin can be staked to earn Effinity token (EFI)” but how exactly? on which platform ? I have some ENJ on crypto.com but no “stake” option available for them

    • It’s not available yet, but will be once Efinity is launched.

      If your coins are on crypto.com, they have custody you don’t technically own them. I would pull your coins off there to take full ownership by sending to your own wallet, such as Metamask or the Enjin Wallet.


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