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Enjin Confirms BMW Partnership!


Updated: October 12, 2020

has confirmed on their official Telegram that they have partnered with BMW to integrate Enjin Coin token swap into their new Vantage App.

enjin bmw partnership

The Enjin Ansible continues to correctly predict the future, which gives it an interesting crypto token use case.

It was recently discovered in a Korean news post that Enjin may be a possible integration in the BMW Vantage app. It may be possible to trade BMW Coin for Enjin Coin in the near future.

Whether this will be tied to a rewards program is yet to be determined, and it is unclear what exactly the release will include.

A translation reads:

“BMW Vantage partners with ETH-based cryptocurrency, Enjin Coin (ENJ).
You can use the app's swap feature to exchange coins and participate in games.
Also, users can trade items and boost ENJ value and experience the fun of blockchain games. Easily link your wallet to start the game!”

One thing we do know is that the Enjin Ansible continues to offer major clues as to what is next for Enjin, as first reported by Castle Crypto.

The Ansible image has once again changed, and this time it displays an image of a car:

Enjin announcing a BMW partnership?

It is still early but based on the accurate predictions made from merely glancing at the Ansible, we believe that this partnership could be announced within days or weeks!

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