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Enjin Blockchain Launching on Sept 13th 2023


It's been a long time coming and seemingly forever since the most OG gaming project was at its peak – but now is finally poised to launch Enjin blockchain.

Enjin Blockchain is launching on the 13th of September 2023 at 19:00 Singapore time (GMT+8).

Enjin Blockchain is a new Layer 1 custom built with NFT functions right at the protocol layer. It is supported by the longstanding Enjin app layer (Enjin Wallet, the NFT.io marketplace, the Enjin Platform for NFT no code integration, the Beam NFT QR code distribution system).

The Enjin ecosystem was the world's first NFT gaming ecosystem dating back to 2018.

Efinity Matrixchain will be formally integrated into Enjin Matrixchain as the pioneer matrixchain on Enjin Blockchain.

Token Swap ratios are as follows:

Enjin Coin ENJ migration: 1:1 from ERC-20

Efinity Token EFI swap: 4:1 to ENJ Nomination pools and early governance incentives are coming as well!

Giving Up on Polkadot?

Ever since Enjin won its parachain auction on , they seemingly went silent despite their app working well and still offering Enjin NFTs through Beam.

I speculated for a long time that Polkadot was likely too complicated or just did not work out and was a risky transitional move for Enjin.

Managed Wallets

Enjin also announced the idea of managed , which helps new gamers avoid the difficult steps to set up and learn a blockchain wallet.

This means that players can seamlessly play the game or enjoy the experience until they are ready to manage their own blockchain assets. This should be helpful in onboarding new gamers.

The Cyborg Quest – 2020

I still think the best and most innovative blockchain gaming experience was the Enjin Cyborg quest all the way back in 2020.

You had to play 3-4 different games to acquire an NFT, to then enter a final game and fight a boss only accessible if all NFTs were collected.

This all happened with Enjin native NFTs like the Epochrome sword which was a “neutral” NFT not specific to any game.

Enjin also has a great wallet that still works extremely well to this day.

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