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Is the Ansible a Clue to What’s Coming Next for Enjin?


Over the last few months, Enjin has created or airdropped a number of assets which can be found on the EnjinX explorer.

One found in the Tradesmith Platform is called “Ansible” with the description:

“A legendary artifact, the Ansible provides a window into the latest achievements of a faction of code-wizards living on a strange terrestrial world orbited by a single moon.”

enjin ansible

What's interesting is the that picture for this item has actually changed a few times since its creation.

Recently, it had a picture of a minecraft wooden sword. Shortly after, Enjin officially launched the Enjin plugin for Minecraft.

Looking closely at the item description, one could easily interpret this as:

“latest achievement” – a product announcement coming soon

“code wizards” – Enjin team

“strange terrestrial world orbited by a single moon” – Earth

The current picture as of June 26th, 2020 appears to be a phone book or contact list.

Could this be a clue to some sort of smart phone functionality? Perhaps a sharing feature of some kind? An update for the Enjin wallet?

It's difficult to know for sure, but we think this blockchain token could help speculators predict what's coming next for Enjin.

Some previous examples:

minecraft wooden sword ansible
Minecraft wooden sword
enjin ansible
Godot Engine
enjinx ansible
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