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Elon Musk Mints “Cyber Cuck” NFT, Can’t Afford Gas Fee


Hawthorne, CA

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Riding the outrageous wave of mania, the solar system's richest man had a close encounter that proves his pockets simply aren't deep enough.

To commemorate the annihilation of Peter Schiff on Twitter, Musk decided to mint a 1 of 1 NFT called “The Cyber Cuck.”

The plan was absolutely perfect until one all too familiar snag reared its ugly troll face.

“Holy Schiff…” said Musk. “13371337133713371337133713371337 ETH to mint a friggin jpeg?”

miners salivated at the prospect of mining such a prestigious block, pre-booking every table for bottle service at the shittiest clubs in Miami.

The gargantuan fee was likely because Musk planned on inserting the soulful rock track “Drinkin' on Mars” by the legendary band Night Mission inside the NFT.

The CEO of NFTs, Kenn Bosak, was brought in to consult on the shitshow.

“Use bro bro” was the only advice given to Musk, as Bosak disappeared in a massive cloud of bong smoke.

“The fuck am I doing with my life,” said Musk as he entered a SpaceX Dragon Capsule to rocket off this shit planet.

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