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Is OMI & VeVe a Generational Buying Opportunity in the NFT Collectible Space?


The machinery of Ecomi being the underpinning value token of the NFT project Veve and Veve NFTs being the back bone of the Ecomi token is very complex. Once you understand how the two interact, you will understand why it could be a generational opportunity.

We are going to look at evidence, videos, material and discuss game changing features like the master collector program, the OMI utility program, crypto paying features, burn mechanisms and many more.

Watch this video to find out why this token and project could be the top project in 2023:

It is difficult to make an Ecomi price prediction for 2023 – 2025 – but it could very well be at $.50 by then.

The next bull market could have a strong focus on fan tokens, collectibles, and especially with major IP like Disney and Marvel.

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