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Have You Seen Dethrone: Voxel RPG for The Sandbox?


dethrone voxel rpg

developer Polygonal Mind has announced a new Voxel in development for The Sandbox gaming platform. The new game is called Dethrone. It features story missions, unlockable open-world areas, a mysterious god, and deadly orc enemies.

Dethrone storyline

Dethrone takes place on the planet of Bylta. The world has been shattered by an evil god. This god stands in the way of the survival of the planet's inhabitants. 

Players must progress through a series of missions as they explore the world. Finishing these missions unlocks new explorable areas and more powerful enemies. As the player destroys these enemies, he acquires pieces of the truth, revealing the secrets behind Bylta and the god that seeks to destroy it.

In the process, players learn how to reverse The Prophecy and save the world.

The Dethrone world features mushrooms full of light, female and male orc enemies with pirate eye patches, and other fantasy elements. 

Dethrone voxel graphics

Dethrone uses voxel graphics similar to Minecraft, 7 Days to Die, and Lego Worlds. This should allow players greater flexibility to build structures within the game, and it should allow the game to be run on older machines.

Polygonal Mind

The developer of Dethrone is Polygonal Mind, an independent game studio with several successful titles. In the past, Polygonal Mind has developed games for the Google Play Store and Apple App Store as well as for the blockchain game platform, Decentraland.

Its previous titles include Morphite, Totally Reliable Delivery Service, Beat Saber, Tomb Chaser, Viking Gym, and Mail Shorter.

The Polygonal Mind team consists of Owner and 3D Artist A. Daniel Garcia Aranda; Chief Marketing Officer Victor (Kunai) Del Río Caba, former CEO of VK Games; Business Development Manager Enrique Cubero, who helped develop Havn Super App; Environment Artist Fleur Courtin, former artist for Bloompix Studios; and other experts in 3D modeling, game design, and marketing.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a voxel gaming platform similar to Roblox. We first reported on it in this July, 2019 post

As with other gaming platforms, The Sandbox provides tools to developers to make it easy for designers to create and market games. In return, developers agree to accept the platform's native currency, SAND, from players as a means of purchasing collectible items and other perks within their games.

However, unlike the currencies on other gaming platforms, SAND is an ERC-20 token on the network.

In addition to SAND, The Sandbox also features non-fungible tokens called BOXes. Each BOX is a piece of land upon which a game or other project can be built.

The Sandbox has recently teamed up with Cloudco Entertainment to create Care Bears blockchain collectibles.

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