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Deadrop Web3 NFT Game With Dr. Disrespect is Likely Finished After Midnight Society Ends Relationship


One of the most anticipated crypto games, , is now almost assuredly headed for failure as Dr. Disrespect has been fired from Midnight Society, the game developer behind the game.

Anyone that bought a Founder's Access Pass is likely now holding a souvenir, UNLESS another web3 game decides to use these NFTs for their own project.

This is where interoperability comes in to play – someone could read the blockchain and airdrop or make an offer to all of the existing Midnight Society Founders Access Pass holders.

Two years after launching, and after the massive news that dropped, here are the current floor prices:

Midnight Society Founders Access Pass floor prices

The events have transgressed as follows:

  • DrDisrespect, a prominent YouTube gaming streamer, woke up to major news after being in a 60-hour Elden Ring DLC coma.
  • He was banned from Twitch over four years ago without a clear reason until recently when a whistleblower alleged he was banned for sexting a minor via Twitch Whispers.
  • Cody Connors, a former Twitch director, initially leaked this information, although he has a questionable reputation for leveraging such information.
  • Multiple journalists, including Nathan Grayson and Slasher, have indicated they heard similar allegations prior to Cody's tweet, suggesting some credibility to the claim.
  • DrDisrespect responded by denying any wrongdoing, stating Twitch settled with him and paid out his contract, implying innocence without explicitly addressing the allegations.
  • Midnight Society, a game studio co-founded by DrDisrespect, terminated their relationship with him following the allegations, stating their commitment to integrity.
  • DrDisrespect responded to this termination by considering stepping away from content creation altogether, indicating significant personal and professional repercussions.
  • The situation has sparked widespread debate about innocence, privacy on platforms like Twitch, and the challenges of proving allegations in the absence of clear evidence.

It's best to assume that this game will never launch, or will be sold to someone else. But considering Dr. Disrespect was the face behind the marketing, it's likely this project will be terminated.

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