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Dark Country is About to Launch Alpha Early Access Game and Limited Sale


Dark Country is free-to-play multichain card game in an american gothic setting. Based on the classic Collectible Card Games (CCG), the project offers to open the full potential of items' tangibility with various game modes.

dark country

On November 4, 2020, Dark Country celebrated its first anniversary. Exactly a year ago, the domain https://darkcountry.io/ was registered. 

Last few months were a key period for the project. Several important updates have been launched.

  1. Closed Alpha launched. The first Closed Alpha game version was launched for testing by TOP fans from the Sheriff's office. The Dark Country team collected valuable feedback from the community and made a few regular updates.
  1. DC Heroes sale was carried out. $60K items were sold in a few hours. 
  1. Heroes Fight Club launched – the first cross NFT game. For now users can compete in Tournaments with each other with Dark Country Heroes and Blockchain Heroes.  Other NFT projects are in a queue to be added as well.
  1. Dark Country big 2020-21 roadmap unveiled

Next week the DC team prepared the biggest update in the project history – Dark Country Alpha Early Access launch for the wider updates for Early Access tickets holders. About 1000 tickets were issued in general for now.

Along with Alpha 2.0 limited Cultists sale will be carried out 18-19 November. It will include unique NFT items, which won't be issued after and a limited time cap. 


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