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CryptoWars: For Everyone Begging for Blockchain RTS


crypto wars

CryptoWars is a real-time strategy game that runs on the Loom Network. It features tournaments that reward DAI stable-coin to top finishers.

CryptoWars is considered to be in a pre-alpha stage of development. But despite this label, it is a fully functioning game that anyone can sign up for and play.

In order to better understand what type of players may enjoy CryptoWars, we created an account and learned how to play. This article will report on what we discovered. 

This article will explain all of the major features of CryptoWars, including building types, troop types, portals, battles, resource trading, and more. If you want to know how to play CryptoWars and whether it is worth playing, read on to find out.


Th registration process for CryptoWars is simple. To get started, the player has to navigate to the official CryptoWars website and click play now, then sign up.

register for crypto wars
sign up screen

This brings up a registration form. The player has to choose a username, enter an email address, and create a password to continue. A Metamask transaction is not required to sign up.

create account

Entering a prize payout address

Once the player has entered the game’s lobby, he can click the portrait in the upper-right corner to bring up a menu.


Clicking settings brings up the settings menu, which allows the player to change the screen name, timezone, email address, and password.

More importantly, this screen is used to enter an ETH wallet address for prize payouts. Tournament prizes in CryptoWars are offered in DAI, a stablecoin that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. So any ETH wallet can be used to receive them.

Joining a Tournament

When a player first creates an account, he is brought to the lobby screen. This shows all of the tournaments that are currently running. The tournaments begin and end on different dates. And some offer DAI prizes, while others are just for fun.

Some tournaments may also require an entry fee. However, all of the ones we observed in our playtest were free to enter.

fightning pit

Clicking subscribe and play allows a player to enter the tournament. This brings up the game’s dashboard.

CryptoWars objective

The main objective in CryptoWars is to score Tournament Points (TP). These are earned by holding Quantum Dust (QD) in the City Center. Each and every block, the player earns 1 TP per QD held in the City Center.

QD can be obtained by increasing the level of the City Center beyond level 4. The higher the City Center levels beyond this point, the greater the amount of Quantum Dust that will be obtained.

However, Quantum Dust must be stored. If it is stored in a vault, it cannot be stolen by opposing players. But it also will not score the player Tournament Points as long as it remains there.

If the QD is stored in the City Center, the player can use various strategies to protect it. This includes raising a shield or training troops to defend the city. 

Players can also get QD through secondary sources, by trading other resources for it or by attacking other players and looting it from them.

Beginning resources

Each player begins the tournament with 10 Quantum Dust, approx. 2,000 gold and crystal, no buildings, and no troops.



As with other real-time strategy games, the primary means of advancing is through building structures. Some buildings increase gold and crystal production, others train troops, and still others serve as transportation or give other bonuses.

Here is a list of all of the buildings in CryptoWars.

City Center

The City Center is the most important building in CryptoWars. It holds the player’s Quantum Dust and other resources and increases gold and crystal production per level. Beginning at level five, it also increases the player’s QD each time it levels.

Each level of the City Center costs gold and takes time to build, and some levels require the Carpentry building to be leveled first.

Other buildings

Each of these buildings cost either gold or crystal and take time to build. Some of them also require other buildings to be leveled first.

Gold mine – Increases the rate of gold production, costs gold

Crystal mine – Increases crystal production rate, costs crystal

Carpentry – Unlocks higher levels of the City Center, costs gold

Gold factory – Further increases gold production rate, costs gold and requires gold mine levels

Crystal factory – Further increases crystal production rate, requires crystal and crystal mine

Gold storage – Increases gold storage capacity, costs gold

Crystal storage – Increases crystal storage capacity, costs crystal

Barracks – Unlocks troops production, higher levels require City Center levels

Training camp – Increased troop stats, requires gold, barracks, and workshop levels

Workshop – Opens up new areas of research, requires crystal and City Center levels

Vault – Stores resources that can’t be stolen by enemy players, costs gold, crystal, and QD

Portal – Can be used to attack enemy players, costs crystal



Players with a barracks can train troops to defend their City Center or attack other players and loot them. Some of the troops require barracks levels, research, or other building levels.

Here are the troops available.

Tiny warrior – Low stats, costs 100 gold, used to overwhelm the enemy in attacks

Guardian – Higher stats, costs 700 gold, requires new armors research

Archer – Higher attack but lower health/defense than tiny warrior, costs 300 gold

Glass Loco – High attack with extremely low health/defense, requires new weapons research

Bison – Increases the amount of loot brought back from a victorious battle, costs 450 gold

Mammoth – Further increases loot brought back, costs 2500 gold



Players with a workshop can conduct research to obtain technological breakthroughs. All research costs crystal and takes time. Some research also requires higher levels of workshop or other buildings.

Here is a list of the research available.

Construction – Decreases the time it takes to build structures, requires carpentry levels

Mining research – Increases both gold and crystal production, unlocks further mining research

Blacksmith – Increases troop stats, unlocks armory

Crystal mining – Increases crystal mining output, requires crystal mine and mining research

Gold mining – Increases gold mining output, requires gold mine and mining research

Armory – Increases defense stats of troops, requires blacksmith

Weaponry – Increases troop attack stats, requires blacksmith

Troops training – Speeds up troop generation, unlocks stamina, requires training camp

Stamina – Increases troop health, requires troops training

Weapons quality – Further increases troop attack stats, requires weaponry

Armor quality – Further increases defense stats, requires armory

New armors – Unlocks the Guardian troop

New weapons – Unlocks the Glass Loco troop



Players who own portals can use them to attack other players. A winning attack allows the attacker to plunder the defender’s resources. Up to 50% of a player’s resources can be looted in an attack.

A player can only attack others who are no more than 25% below or 200% above his own ELO rating.

ELO rating is determined by the number of resources a player has spent on troops and buildings. For example, if a player has trained 50 tiny warriors at a cost of 100 gold a piece, he has increased his ELO rating by 50 * 100 = 5000.

Vaults and trading

vaults and trading

If a player owns a vault, he can place some of his resources into it. This will allow him to trade resources with other players.

A player who is savvy at predicting the market may be able to gain an advantage in the game even if he is slower than others at building structures or completing research.

Resources held in a vault cannot be looted by other players.

Experience points

experience points

In addition to DAI rewards, players also receive experience points when they complete tournaments. Here is a breakdown of how experience points are awarded:


Each player who gets his City Center to Level 4 by the end of the tournament gets a certain minimum amount of experience. 

Top ranking

The top 20 players earn additional experience points based on where they finish. The higher a player finishes, the more experience points he gets.

Email validation 

A player who validates his email address gets 500 XP automatically.


A player who refers another player gets 200 XP per referral, but only if the referred player signs up for at least two tournaments and gets his City Center to Level 4 in both tournaments.

Experience levels (tier system)

experience levels

When players gain experience points, they rise to higher tiers. Higher tiers receive better DAI rewards than lower ones.

Here is the list of tiers, along with the exp required to reach them.

Wood (no multiplier): 0 – 2,499 exp

Bronze (5% multiplier): 2,500 – 7,499 exp

Silver (10% multiplier): 7,500 – 17,499 exp

Gold (15% multiplier): 17,500 – 29,999 exp

Platinum (20% multiplier): 30,000 – 49,999 exp

Legend (25% multiplier): 50,000+ exp

Skins (not yet implemented)


Players who wish to support the game financially can buy collectible skins from the developer. In the future, these skins will allow the player’s troops to look different, and everyone who plays the game will know that the purchaser is a supporter of the game.

Starter packs (not yet implemented)

starter packs

Players can also support the game by purchasing starter packs. At some point in the future, each pack will allow players to begin a tournament with an initial set of troops, buildings, and resources.

Players will only be able to use a starter pack once, and there may be further restrictions on their use when implemented.

CryptoWars review

CryptoWars seems to have been inspired by old Blizzard Entertainment games such as Warcraft II and Starcraft. Like these games, it has a sophisticated “dependency tree” or progression system that is designed to keep players interested.

It is also a competitive sport with valuable rewards up for grabs.

Overall, we found CryptoWars to be a fun game. The only reason we can think of that a person might not like this game is that it can be slow. 

Many buildings and troops cannot be built until a stockpile of gold or crystals is stored up. This can cause bottlenecks in gameplay that may be irritating to some players.

Still, most players interested in a game like CryptoWars probably expect this slow pace. So this isn’t really a flaw in the game’s design.

We would recommend CryptoWars for any patient player that likes competitive real-time strategy games.


We’ve gone over the main features and gameplay elements of CryptoWars. We’ve explained the buildings, research, and troops that are available, as well as how to battle with other players and win Tournament Points.

We hope this information has helped you to decide whether to try out CryptoWars for yourself.

If you are interested in playing other blockchain games, you may want to check out some of our other reviews. We’ve played Crypto Assault, Dissolution, Caesar’s Triumph, and many other digital collectible games. And we report on new games like these every week.

Have you played CryptoWars? Let us know what you think of it in the comment box below. We always want to hear of the experiences of other blockchain game players.

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