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Crypto Space Commander: Mine Asteroids, Craft Crypto Items


crypto space commander

Crypto Space Commander (CSC) is a space scheduled to be released this Summer (2019). It is produced by Lucid Sight, a successful blockchain game developer with two previous titles under its belt.

CSC uses Ethereum as its primary in-game currency. In addition, most items in the Crypto Space Commander economy are either ERC-721 or ERC-20 tokens.

In this article, we'll explain what is known so far about Crypto Space Commander. We'll go over the basic story of the game, controls, ship stats, resource mining, crafting, types of space, and more.

We'll give you all of the information you need to decide whether to get involved further in this project.

Crypto Space Commander Gameplay

Crypto Space Commander is a sandbox MMO similar to EVE Online, Black Prophecy, or Star Conflict. In these types of games, player characters develop skills such as ship piloting, engineering, navigation, resource processing, and more.

They then use these skills to perform jobs in a player-driven economy.

In a space MMO, the economy is the focus of the game. There is no experience level progression.

Instead, gameplay revolves around mining asteroids or planets for resources, transporting these resources, and crafting useful objects to earn an income and increase one's wealth.

Beginning story

In CSC, the player begins the game as a new commander in the Galactic Federation (GF). The GF sends the player on missions, and he finds resources and acquires skills as he completes these quests.

The initial action takes place in the star system of Sol. From there, the player can travel up to 50 light years away to over 900 nearby star systems.


csc controls

Ships in CSC are controlled by clicking. There is no need to use the directional arrow keys to move. The camera can be turned by right-clicking on the screen and dragging until the desired angle is produced.

If an object appears on the screen, a player can right-click it to produce an action menu. From there, the player can decide to approach the object without hitting it, follow the object from behind, go into orbit around it, track the object, or engage in evasive maneuvers to try to avoid it.


spaceship stats

Ships have three stats: defense, offense, and engine. Power can be distributed amongst these stats in any way the player chooses.

For example, if the player wants to flee from an enemy, he can lower his attack power in order to transfer power to the ships' engines.

Or if the player wants to withstand a blow from an object, he can lower his engine power and increase his defense.

Raising shields requires time as well as defense power. So players have to be careful not to leave themselves vulnerable by lowering their shields without having enough time to raise them again.

Mining resources

mining resources

If a player finds an asteroid, he can choose to mine it using a mining laser. This will cause unrefined ore to be collected within the ship.

The game's UI will show what type of resource is predominant within the ore, but the player will not know exactly what he has until he gets the ore refined.

Here is a list of resources that can be mined within Crypto Space Commander:

Common items:




Uncommon items:


Rare items:





Ultra rare items:




Exotic items:


Each of these items are ERC-20 tokens on the blockchain. Each can be freely traded in the marketplace, as well as used to create items within the game.



Once ore has been mined, it must be transported to a refinery. Most spaceships start off with a maximum speed of approx.

1 LPH (1 light-year per hour). But some begin with faster speeds at the cost of having less armor. As a player progresses in the game, he can upgrade his ship's engines.

Here is a list of current Crypto Space Commander ships and their corresponding speeds:

Destroyer FF (1.15 LPH)

Nomad FF (3 LPH)

Breeze FF (4.25 LPH)

Harvester MP (0.5 LPH)

Cruiser MP (1.2 LPH)

Interceptor MP (2.5 LPH)

Destroyer MP (0.95 LPH)

Nomad MP (1.25 LPH)

For characters that desire faster speeds than they can acquire with their own ships, the Galactic Federation provides transport ships with speeds of 2-5 LPH. Using these requires a small ETH fee.

If a player needs instant transportation, a Jump Gate Network (JGN) is available at a higher cost.


A variety of objects can be made with the resources collected, including ships, mining lasers, guns, and more.

To craft an item effectively, the player will need the blueprint for the item. If a player doesn't have the blueprint, he can buy a unit of the item and “deconstruct” it to reveal the blueprint.

This will destroy the item in the process. Alternatively, the player can craft the item without a blueprint, but this will create a substandard item with lower stats than usual.

All items in the game are capable of an infinite scaling bonus. The higher a character's crafting skill and the more resources used to craft the item, the more bonuses the item will have.

Crafting skill can be improved by investing time in it. This time takes place both online and offline.

In addition to crafting basic items, characters can also invent new items through the crafting process.

When a player invents an item, his signature is imprinted on it, and he earns royalties off its sales in the future.

Types of space

Like in other space MMOs, Crypto Space Commander makes use of distinctions between different kinds of space. PvP is severely restricted in Core space, while in Fringe space players may freely engage in piracy.

Crypto Space Commander demo

The developer has provided a video demo of the game. In the demo, we can see how the ships are controlled, how mining works, a PvP example, and even a ship race.

It is clear that the development team is making progress towards a final product.

Crypto Space Commander team

Crypto Space Commander is produced by Lucid Sight, a Los Angeles-based team that has been around since 2015.

They have previously produced two blockchain-backed titles: MLB Champions and Crypto Emoji.

In addition to crypto games, Lucid Sight is also known for producing virtual reality games for the Playstation VR and Oculus gaming systems.

They are the creators of ten different titles for these systems, including Space-Bit Attack, Justice League VR, Star Drive VR Coaster, Run Gear VR, Jurassic Survival VR, Z-Strike, Gumi No Yume, 405 Roadrage, Turkey Hunt,  and Poly Runner.

The team is also working on a blockchain-backed fantasy called Cryptic Conjure.

How to get involved with Crypto Space Commander

Some Crypto Space Commander collectibles are already available for purchase. And the game may need more beta testers before launch.

If you're interested in the development of Crypto Commander, you can sign up for a new player account here or join the game's Discord here.


It's too soon to know whether Crypto Space Commander will be a fun game. It is currently in closed beta, and only a few people have been let in to actually play the game.

Once Crypto Commander is released, we will play the game and let you know what it is like. In the meantime, these are the details we know so far about how the game will work once it is finally released.

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