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The Crypto Rabbit Hole Targets Billion-Dollar TCG Industry with Enjin


Today, announced a collaboration with The Crypto Rabbit Hole (CxRH), a phygital game that blends traditional board games and trading cards with revolutionary blockchain technology. This collaboration aims to enhance user engagement and digital asset ownership through Enjin's robust blockchain solutions.

CxRH offers an engaging educational solution by merging physical and digital gaming assets to educate players on cryptocurrency complexities. As an applicant of the newly relaunched Spark Program, CxRH leverages Enjin's suite of solutions. Enjin Blockchain's tech facilitates smoother and more accessible gameplay for users worldwide.

“I am excited about the development infrastructure tools, the support for indie devs, and the interoperability that Enjin boasts. Enjin aligns with our values and has the infrastructure and support to help us make the best game and gaming experience possible,” said George Katsoulis, Founder & Creative Director of CxRH.

Key Highlights from The Crypto Rabbit Hole:

  • Unique Digital Experiences: Every card is an in digital play, giving players actual ownership. Hosted on NFT.io, Enjin Blockchain's global NFT marketplace, players can trade or sell their cards freely.
  • Governance and Voting: Governance NFTs allow the community to shape the game's future direction. Holding specific tokens grants players voting rights on upcoming features, content, and storylines. 
  • Exclusive Content: Enjin's proprietary Discord Bot connects to the project's Discord server, unlocking special channels for asset holders.
  • Real World Play: The physical play mat adds an extra experience layer, making it an excellent avenue for mainstream gamers to enter the space. CxRH has identified several well-attended conventions to host live tournaments, including the Australian Crypto Convention in November 2024, targeting over 10,000 attendees.
  • Educational Impact: The game demystifies cryptocurrency through engaging game mechanics, encouraging learning and retention. Players will familiarize themselves with crypto terminologies and processes, such as setting up non-custodial wallets. 

In line with this announcement, the Crypto Rabbit Hole is launching its Zealy Marketing Campaign. Interested players may visit the site to get whitelisted in the game's first-ever NFT mint on Enjin Blockchain. 

Zealy Campaign Link: https://www.zealy.io/c/cxrh 

Trading card games are an ideal fit for web3 blockchain gaming. Since every card can be an own-able NFT asset, this makes it akin to owning rare Pokémon or Magic The Gathering cards.

About Enjin

Launched in 2017, Enjin emerged as a pioneer in Web3 development, introducing the first gaming-specific development tools on Ethereum and designing the ERC-1155 token standard.

Its comprehensive ecosystem supports deploying scalable Web3 games and applications, which hundreds of developers have utilized.

Key components include:

  • Enjin Blockchain: Tailored specifically for gaming and app development, this blockchain offers scalability, enhanced security, and ease of use.
  • Enjin Platform & API: Provides tools that enable developers to incorporate Web3 functionalities into their games and apps efficiently, often within hours.
  • Enjin Wallet: A robust wallet acclaimed for its extensive features, integrating seamlessly with the Enjin Blockchain, Marketplace, Platform, and API. It serves over 3 million users.
  • NFT.io Marketplace: An intuitive platform for creators, traders, and developers to create and trade NFTs within minutes.
  • Enjin Beam: A novel way to send NFTs via QR codes, enabling the effortless distribution of thousands of items with just a few clicks.

Media Contacts

Jam Zulueta, Content Manager 


Atlas Development Services, a core contributor to Enjin Blockchain, distributed the press release. Contact us at press@enjin.io

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