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Hype Builds for Crypto Gaming Conference (CGC): Blockchain Gaming & VR in Kiev


crypto gaming conference

Crypto Gaming Conference (CGC) is reported to be one of the largest conferences devoted to blockchain gaming, VR, and AI. In previous years, over 100 speakers, 500 companies, and 1500 attendees have taken part in it.

This article will provide all of the essential information you need to know about CGC, including where and when it will take place, what events will be a part of it, how much it will cost, and more.

When is CGC?

CGC will be held from Thursday, October 10 to Friday, October 11, 2019. If you’re reading this in August, you’ve got plenty of time to prepare.

Where is CGC?

CGC is being held in Kiev, Ukraine. 

The exact location has not yet been announced. The 2018 Kiev CGC was held in the Murcure Congress Hotel. This year’s event may be held there or at some other conference venue within the city.

Who will be there?

The conference has not yet announced which gaming companies will be exhibiting or who will be speaking. In previous years, some big names have shown up to give speeches. These include:

  • Masaru Ohnogi – Head of Global Business Development for Gumi
  • Malcolm Casselle – President of WAX
  • Shaban Shaame – CEO of Everdream Soft
  • Vladimir Tomko – Developer of Blockchain Cuties
  • Bennie Giang – Product Manager for CryptoKitties

As the date of the conference draws closer, we should get more information about who will be there this year.

CGC events and features

There are several events and features for the conference planned. Here is a list of them.

CGC Pitch

cgc pitch

CGC Pitch is a “speed dating session” aimed at matching up collectors and investors with projects they might be interested in. Gaming and blockchain companies must present their products in a brief format that respects the time of participants.

This allows collectors to hear about a variety of projects without having to sit through full-length presentations.

CGC Awards

cgc awards

CGC Awards is a contest intended to reward innovation in blockchain gaming, VR, AI, and other emerging technologies.

The contestant must fill out an application and present whatever working models of the project that are available. Judges decide which projects are the most innovative based on predetermined criteria.

The results of the contest are announced at the conference, and this gives investors and collectors an opportunity to hear about the projects that have been submitted.

CGC Showcase

cgc showcase

CGC Showcase is a floor filled with gaming companies exhibiting their products. In previous years, this event has attracted over 100 companies. Attendees can talk to the developers of these products, ask questions, and even play demos.

Pine networking app

pine networking app

CGC uses the free Pine networking app to connect collectors with project teams. Attendees can search the directory to find the particular team they are looking for. Once a person is contacted through the app, meetings can be arranged in areas of the conference set aside for this purpose.

This should prevent investors from having to wander around looking for that one game designer they’ve been wanting to meet.

How much does CGC cost?

CGC tickets come in three tiers. Here is the current price of each tier and what it provides (price for every tier will increase after September 14):

Expo Pass (€19 or approx. $21)

This is the basic ticket. Gives you access to the Expo Zone and Showcase Zone. If you just want to visit the exhibits, listen to speakers, and mingle, this will probably be all you need.

There are a few exclusive sessions that are not available to Expo Pass holders, but most of the conference sessions can be attended by ticket-holders of any tier.

Standard Pass (€99 or approx. $111)

This ticket gives you all of the benefits of the Expo Pass. In addition, you get these benefits:

  • A name badge that doesn’t say “visitor” on it
  • Gives you access to the badge pickup pre-party
  • Allows you into the bye-bye mingle
  • Gives you access to “coffee breaks”
  • Lets you into all sessions
  • Gives you some access to the Pine meeting system
  • Free delegate bag

Premium Pass (€149 or approx. $167)

Premium Pass gives you all of the benefits of the previous two tiers, plus these additional benefits:

  • Access to an exclusive lunch for Premium Pass holders
  • Gets you into the official conference party
  • Allows you full access to meeting rooms using the Pine system
  • Lets you into the exclusive Business Lounge

If you are a serious blockchain startup investor who needs more access to project teams, you may prefer to buy a Premium Pass.

After September 14, the price for each tier will rise. Expo will cost €24, Standard €129, and Premium €199. Once the convention begins, the price will increase again to €29, €159, and €249.

About Kiev


Since the conference is being held in Kiev, you may wonder if the city itself is worth venturing into.

Kiev has numerous attractions for visitors, including great feats of architecture such as the Pechersk Lavra, Saint Sophia’s Cathedral, and St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery. The Pirogovo Museum of Folk Architecture and Life is also a popular tourist attraction.

If you’re more interested in the nightlife of the city, there are numerous bars and clubs in Arena City, Podil, and other areas of Kiev. These include The Bar, Skybar, Sorry Babushka, and others.

If you want to get a break from the convention, there is always something to do in Kiev.


The Crypto Gaming Conference (CGC) will be held from October 10-11. We’ve gone over all of the details of the conference, including features and events and the cost of tickets.

We hope you’ve found this information to be helpful. If you would like to know more about current or future blockchain games, check out our full list of reviews.

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